Biomass Pellet Hot Blast Stove Commercial&Risidental

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Product Description:


3.Can be customized 
4.Biomass Pellet Fuel 
5.Apply to dry and heat for greenhouse,industry 


The released CO2 gas when boiler combusting can not only get rid of excess moisture inside the greenhouse, but also help plants for photosynthesis.


Key Features

  • Energy saving: in the first minute after power on, complete the process from ignition to combustion, heating rapidly.

  • Intelligent effort: microcomputer control system to control the automatic ignition, feeding and thermostat, just 1-2 times a day to refuel, almost no need of manual work.

  • Friendly to environment: completely full fuel combustion can achieve the effect of smokeless, dust-free and odorless.

  • Particularly apply to dry and heat for greenhouses, industries, enterprises.

Application Range

Widely used to heating in greenhouses, heating projects, industrial plants and civil buildings; preparation and drying for chemical and pharmaceutical industries; drying for sand and sand core in foundry industries, drying for abrasives tools, gauze and grinding wheel in abrasive industries; Baking paint and powder curing for automobile, motorcycle, container, appliance, tinplate printing and other industrial products in coating industries; heat setting, hot melts dyeing, baking, drying for wood.



Rated heating valueKcal1-3×10410×10420×10445×104
Working pressureMPaordinary pressure
Thermal efficiency%85919192
Induced draft fanKW/0.751.13
Circulating fanKW0.32.227.5
Flue duct hole diametermmΦ108Φ165Φ165Φ220
Fir outletmm465x410300x300300x300400x400
Fir inletmm465x410dia300300x240dia350
Boiler weightkg906509102080
Fuel consumption ratekg/h2.2-5.313.939.988.9
Heating aream2100-300700-9201400-18002700-4500
Air velocitym³/h230126427003166
Boiler size: lengthmm920207523953130
Boiler size: widthmm4506809301000
Boiler size: heightmm890120018501720
Silo size:
length x width x height
cmSilo internal50x40x6050x40x6060x60x80

Biomass Pellet Hot Blast Stove Commercial&Risidental


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Q:Are methane and natural gas a mixture? Ask me together
Less than 1% of hydrogen (H2), less than 0.4% oxygen (O2) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from 0.1% to 3%
Q:I want to do biogas cooking, biogas should be how to do
You go to buy a gas stove, gas stove to cook this is not on the line "affordable, convenient and clean", hope to adopt!
Q:Biodiesel can be used directly on the diesel car, or to be used in combination with petrochemical diesel?
The power of the engine is not affected (this is positive), and because biodiesel contains oxygen, it will burn more fully and release more heatThe above is only a personal view, if there are different views, welcomed the discussion!
Q:Bio oil is what to do
The United States Department of energy is raising the development of biomass energy, requires that by 2010, the use of biomass energy in the United States increased by 2 times, bio diesel is also listed as one of biomass. At present, the international situation on the development of biodiesel is promising, and there are three ways to produce biodiesel: first, the use of edible oil to produce biodiesel
Q:What components of biodiesel can be used on diesel engines
Currently on the market of the diesel engine are not recommended to direct the use of biodiesel, is not how much speed, but in high concentrations of biological diesel oil corrosion resistance, oxidation stability is not good, easy corrosion of copper and other materials, the bad oxidation stability to form colloid, nozzle clogging etc.
Q:Biodiesel enjoy state subsidies, the amount of subsidies
Recently, the Ministry of finance, the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued on the clear waste animal and vegetable oil production of pure biodiesel exemption from the scope of the application of the consumer tax notice (Finance and tax [2011]46),The scope of the "waste animal oil and vegetable oil" as mentioned in the [2010]118 document is as follows:
Q:How to produce biogas at home
The basic principle of biogas production is still under exploration. The biogas formation process can be divided into two stages, the first will be a variety of complex organic compounds into lower fatty acids, such as butyric acid, propionic acid and acetic acid; and then the various products into methane and carbon dioxide etc..
Q:600 cubic meters of methane a day
If you use the biogas digester is the normal temperature fermentation - that is, low temperature fermentation, other conditions are normal, the production of gas per cubic day is 0.1-0.3 cubic
Q:Bio fuels are made of what raw materials
Maximum up to 30%-45%. Water can reduce the oil viscosity and improve the stability, but reduces the calorific value of oil; 2) pH value is low, so the storage device is the best corrosion materials; 3) greater density than water, and the water ratio is about 1.2; 4) with "aging" tendency, heating should not exceed 80 DEG C, Yi avoid light, avoid contact with air preservation; 5) good lubricating performance. Biodiesel can be used as fuel for boilers, turbines, diesel engines and so on.
Q:How biogas is produced
Methane is a kind of organic material, which can be used to isolate the air (such as biogas digester) under the conditions of temperature, humidity and acidity. It contains a small amount of hydrogen sulfide, so slightly smelly. Fermentation is a complex biochemical change. The reaction is divided into two stages: (1) microbial complex organic matter in carbohydrate, fat and protein degradation into simple substances, such as fatty acids, alcohols, aldehydes, carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen and hydrogen sulfide. (2) the role of methane bacteria in the conversion of simple substances into methane.

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