biodiesel flexitank in 20 feet container

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loading ways: top loading and discharging,bottom loading and discharging,top loading and bottom discharging

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TS flexitank is the leading manufacturer in China specizlized in Flexitank(Flexibag) for Shipping Bulk Liquid Cargos .
1.specifications for flexitanks/flexibags
1)     FDA BGA EC ISO9001 approved TS-flexitank, COA member

2)     Valve  2 or 3 inch

3)     Capacity 16-24CBM

4)     Insurance  products liability insurance

5)     Packing by standard export carton or pallet

2.The advantage of flexitank than other transport

1)     Flexitank is one economical Packing solutions for liquid products, capacity : 16,000 to 24,000 liters

2)     Flexitank could save freight charge (about 50%) and time than ISO TANK,  there is no area limited, no environment and season limited, no cost of inland , volume small, easy transport, be convenient of loading & unloading, higher efficient and higher safety.

3)     Flexitank can load more than 44% than metal bucket, save lots of material cost, and also easy operated installing, less expenses, less labor

4)     Flexitank can load more than 15% thank IBC in one 20ft container, easy handling loading & unloading, save cost, save time.

5)Food grade & High safety FDA, EC, HACCP, ISO9001 2000,      


1)     food, wine, cooking oil, juice concentrate, palm oil, soy sauce, alcohol and syrup.

2)     Industrial oils

3)     Safe liquid chemicals

Any question contact lotus at tsflexitank dot com. Thanks.

biodiesel flexitank in 20 feet container

biodiesel flexitank in 20 feet container

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Q:How to refine biodiesel
At present, the production of biodiesel at home and abroad is mainly used for animal and plant oil and methanol or ethanol and other alcohols, occurrence of alcoholysis reaction in acidic or alkaline catalyst and high temperature, generating the corresponding fatty acid methyl or ethyl ester. Due to the high demand for crude oil from alkaline catalyst, only the refined rapeseed oil and soybean oil can meet the requirements, so the cost of raw materials accounted for 75% of the total cost.
Q:What is the principle of biodiesel production?
R-COOH R-COOCH3+H2O, the reaction to acid as catalyst, free fatty acid to alkali reaction of soap with alkali as catalyst, namely R-COOH+NaOH (KOH) - R-COOHa (K) +H2O, the reaction system becomes more complex, the soap as emulsifier in the reaction system, the product of glycerol may occur in emulsion and not be separated from the fatty acid methyl ester, water is often alkali catalyst poison water will make the grease generates soap and alkali hydrolysis. Therefore, KOH, NaOH or sodium methoxide (potassium) as the catalyst, often require raw oil acid value is less than 1mgKOH/g, water less than 0.06%. For oil containing water or free fatty acids, two esterification.For free fatty acids with high oil, such as the recovery of waste oil (waste oil, etc.), can be used directly as a catalyst for acid. It is also necessary to limit the water content with acid as catalyst, usually less than 0.5%, because the water will be produced during the esterification of free fatty acid, and the catalytic action of acid catalyst will decrease.
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of Biogas
Improve fertilizer efficiencyHuman and animal feces, miscellaneous apples, organic waste, in ordinary pit retting, due to open pit, wind, sun and rain, the most volatile nutrient loss, and not easy to be absorbed by crops, if after digesters sealed after fermentation, most nutrients preserved, and became soluble nutrients, easy by using the history of crop uptake of JI. People said: biogas slurry looks like water, like ammonia, but also to increase the soil humus, play a role in improving the soil.
Q:What is the best biogas stove?
Suitable primary air parametersGeneral household biogas stove is an atmospheric burner, required combustion air supply is composed of two parts, one part is from the ejector suction inlet, in advance of biogas and biogas combustion mixture, called an air. The other part of the gas is burned by the side of the atmosphere around the flame, known as the two air.The ratio of primary air to theoretical air is called the primary air parameter, which is represented by A. A= primary air volume / theoretical air volumeThe primary air coefficient is an important index to measure the performance of biogas stove. It depends on the mode of combustion. General atmospheric biogas stove, a value from 0.85 to 0.90.
Q:To improve the production efficiency of diesel oil Bio oil technology
In order to improve the production efficiency of diesel oil, the use of enzyme immobilization technology, and the process of adding methanol in the reaction process, is more conducive to improving the production efficiency of diesel oil. The immobilized enzyme (lipase) is a kind of Candida (Candidaantaretica), which is made from the reaction column with the carrier for the production of diesel, the control temperature is 30 DEG C, the conversion rate is up to 95%. The lipase remained alive for 100 days. After several times of the reaction column, the reactants are placed in a static state and the glycerol is separated.
Q:Why in the preparation of biodiesel
Because the preparation of biodiesel, the use of alkali catalysis, the acid value requirementsHigh acid value corrosion of diesel engine, it can not of course as methyl ester biodiesel is one of the most important indicators of acid value.
Q:What is the working principle of the tunnel methane tank
Compared with the circular methane tank, the material is increased, and the material is decomposed thoroughly
Q:What about the biodiesel industry?
After several years of development, with the support of policy has introduced, raw materials market has become increasingly standardized and standardized construction gradually perfect, the biodiesel industry step by step toward a healthy development track. The current domestic biodiesel capacity of about 3 million tons, output of about 800 thousand tons, compared with the previous two years has been hovering around 500 thousand tons, a substantial increase in the yield 60%.
Q:I would like to say is how the use of methane, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas
So the same volume of liquefied petroleum gas calorific value is much higher than natural gasAlthough methane is also a major component of methane content, but much smaller than natural gas, methane content is 50% ~ 80%, with a small amount of hydrogen and hydrogen sulfide, besides non combustible gases (carbon dioxide and nitrogen) content is generally 20%~45%. specific understanding of biogas, biogas can find some aspects of the textbook look.In the three kind of gas, the calorific value from high to low is liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and biogasThere is no clear place to exchange
Q:I would like to ask the current domestic bio diesel technology is mature
At present, the domestic bio diesel technology is mature and has been industrialized operation. Industry bottlenecks do not lie in technology, but in raw materials.

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