Indoor Watering Cans with various Colors

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Product Description:


1) Colorful plastic watering can with rose 

2) Material:PE 

3) Available capacity:3L, 5L, 8L, 10L, 12L, 14L 

4) Colorful



Size:14.2x14.2x11.2 cm (Body) 


Packing:60pcs per master carton

Ctn Meas.:61X49X59.5 cm


Customized:ODM and OEM both available.

MOQ:3000PCS/ color


1. For watering flowers                                 

2. For watering vegetables                           

3. For watering small green plants

Commerical Value:Promotion, Gifts or advertising.

Warm Prompt:1.) Can not use in microwave or oven.         

            2.) Never direct contact or near Fire.

 Indoor Watering Cans with various Colors


1. Can customize design and provide good quality products with competive price

2. We have professional R&D staff, as well as workers with more than 10 years experience.

3. Delivery on time


What's your advantages?

1. Can supply with both Mold  & Molded parts

2. Provide Milled Prototype Making, Mold Design, Mold Making, Mold Testing, Molding, Products

3. With more than 25 years experience

4. Low volumes / Small orders are welcome! Please contact us to discuss case by case. 

5. Accept only OEM / ODM / Customer Projects. We do not have any existing molds for sell.

6. Mold building lead time: Around 40-50 days, with 1st Mold trialing report and Mold trailing samples  

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Q:resolution to aviod plastics?
1.canvas shopping bags instead of plastic ones 2.Get rid of your plastic dishes and cups, and replace them with glass varieties 3.Avoid products that are packaged in plastic 4.stainless steel water bottle instead of plastic bottles 5.stopped using plastic dish scrubbies to wash dishes. I now use Twist sponges, which are all natural and biodegradable. 6.)I stopped buying cream hand lotion, instead lotion that comes in a metal tin 7.)I return my styrofoam egg cartons
Q:Buying recycled PVC or plastic?
plastic is banned and we must use cloth bags or recyled ones to prevent misuse
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Q:Stinky Chinese plastic?
it's the lubrication that is used in the molds so it doesn't stick when they inject the liquid plastic. it's made of various biodegradable oils, mainly from animal tallow. Not washing it right away makes plastic absorb the oils. if they were to completely wash it off or tumble them, the price would go up. A friend of mine works in injection molding.
Q:Aren't plastic cups as bad as plastic bottles?
That would be a yes. Use paper cups... or dont be lazy and use ceramic cup and wash them.
Q:How to sharpen a plastic knife?
Hmmmmm interesting question.... With plastic as opposed to steel you won't be able to use anything that generates too much heat such as a grinding stone or it will melt the plastic..I would suggest going to the hardware store and getting a fine file or sharpening stone and doing this by hand, slowly. Watch a knife sharpening video on YouTube for proper angle of sharpening...the key is going to be not letting friction heat the blade. Use water during the process too for cooling. Good luck!
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Q:Cancer caused by plastic?
Yes the fumes from burning plastic releases harmful chemicals that can cause cancer. The main cancer causing type of plastic, when it is burned is, Poly-Vinyl Chloride, or PVC, it is a commonly used plastic for vinyl flooring, drain pipes, guttering, shampoo bottles, packaging, children's toys and many other things. Burning garbage, the fumes contain 350-times more cancer-causing substances than cigarette smoke.
Q:Are plastic containers/ Tupperware unsafe?
The food is fine. I don't use tupperware for our dogs food. I just open the bag and have a measuring cup. Their food doesn't go bad or stale, and I leave it like that for about 2 wks before it is gone.

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