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Product Description:

Structure of the seed tray:

·         Top quality and competitive price.

·         Variety design and good appearance.

·         Easy to use, and remove.

·         Durable and reusable.

·         Eco-Friendly.

Description Main Features of the seed tray:

·         Ideal for Starting seeds and Transplanting Seedling.

·         Suitable for both manual and automatic planting.

·         Suitable for Propagating Vegetables, Flowers and other plant from seed in green-house or indoors. 

Thickness vs. Weight

·         Thickness of trays are from 0.5mm to 1.0mm.

·         1.0mm: 155g±5g;  100pcs/ctn.

·         0.9mm: 140g±5g;  120pcs/ctn.

·         0.7mm: 110g±5g;  150pcs/ctn.

·         0.6mm: 95g±5g;  180pcs/ctn.

·         0.5mm: 80g±5g;  200pcs/ctn.


 Using time:

·         thickness of 0.5mm can be used 1 to 2 times. 

·         thickness of 0.6mm can be used 3 to 4 times.

·         thickness of 0.7mm can be used 5 to 6 times.

·         thickness of 0.8mm can be used 7 to 8 times.

·         thickness of 0.9mm can be used 8 to 9 times.

·         thickness of 1.0mm can be used 8 to 10 times.


Seed Tray Specification:





0.5mm-1.5mm, standard:1mm


80g(±5)g-230g(±5)g, Standard weight:155g(±5)g


length:490mm-540mm, width:190mm-345mm,depth:25mm-150mm Standard:54mmX28mm

Cell count



in carton

Using time

8-10 times


Q:How Can I Get A Sample?

A:You can get samples by communicate with our export sales.

Q:How Long Is Delivery?

A:Delivery time will be 7-25 days according to order quantity.

Q:What Is The MOQ?

A:Our MOQ is 1*20FT container quantity, allow to mix several items.

Q:What Is Our Normal Payments Terms?

A:Our normal payment terms now is T/T, L/C or Western Union,Papal.

Q:How Do I Order Your Products?

A:You can check our website for any items you interest and you can also get communication with our export sales and order for it accordingly.

Q:What Kinds Of Material We Use In Our Product?

A:Our plastic flower pots use material such as PP polymer or PE polymer.





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