• Cryogenic Micro Fiberglass Insulation Aluminum Foil For LNG tanker LNG storage tank System 1
  • Cryogenic Micro Fiberglass Insulation Aluminum Foil For LNG tanker LNG storage tank System 2
  • Cryogenic Micro Fiberglass Insulation Aluminum Foil For LNG tanker LNG storage tank System 3
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Cryogenic Micro Fiberglass Insulation Aluminum Foil For LNG tanker LNG storage tank

Cryogenic Micro Fiberglass Insulation Aluminum Foil For LNG tanker LNG storage tank

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1.Description of Cryogenic Micro Fiberglass Insulation Paper :

A selection of low temperature glass fiber insulation paper

Superfine fiber, general aluminum foil composite.

It has low thermal conductivity, but has the advantage of heat.

Contact resistance, excellent uniformity, low gas rate, but gas

Emission, light weight and wide range of application in vacuum condition

Working temperature range (- 269 ~ 500 ~).

It is suitable for the insulating material of low temperature liquid.

Liquid oxygen, nitrogen storage and moving containers and piping systems,

Hydrogen, helium, argon, liquefied natural gas, etc

2.Main features of Cryogenic Micro Fiberglass Insulation Paper:

Lower Thermal Conductivity     High Tensile Strength

Light  weight                 

3. Cryogenic Micro Fiberglass Insulation Paper Images:

 Cryogenic Micro Fiberglass Insulation Aluminum Foil For LNG tanker LNG storage tank

4. Cryogenic Micro Fiberglass Insulation Paper Technical Parameters:

There are three kinds of Cryogenic Micro Fiberglass Insulation Paper according to the different package and usage. They are paper, aluminum foil Laminated paper in roll,  aluminum foil Laminated paper in quilt.


u  Dewar   

u  Vehicle cylinder

u  LNG tanker       

u  LNG storage tank

u  LNG vessel  

u  Cryogenic piping system   

u  Fire protection

u  Skid-mounted gas filling station



We have organized several common questions for our clientsmay help you sincerely 

  How about our Cryogenic Micro Fiberglass Insulation Paper

A world class manufacturer & supplier of ceramic fiber product is one

 of the large scale professional investment casting production bases in China,consisting of both casting foundry forging and machining factory. Annually more than 80000 tons Precision casting and forging parts are exported to markets in Europe,America and Japan. OEM casting and forging service available according to customer’s requirement.

How to guarantee the quality of the products

We have established the international advanced quality management system every link from raw material to final product we have strict quality test; We resolutely put an end to unqualified products flowing into the market. At the same time, we will provide necessary follow-up service assurance.



Q:What is the meaning of deep frozen
So people use frozen ways to preserve food. Generally in a very short period of time, such as half an hour, so that the need to freeze the food quickly reach the specified ultra-low temperature, such as -30 ~-40 C.
Q:What is the meaning of vacuum cooling in heat treatment
Use a low temperature of 100 degrees below zero
Q:Cryogenic treatment to improve what performance?
To improve the hardness and strength of the workpiece;Ensure the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece;Improve the wear resistance of the workpiece;
Q:I would like to ask how the process of cryogenic treatment
It's just a rough process of producing oxygen through cryogenic technologyNitrogen can also be re cooled into liquid nitrogen -196 degrees.Liquid nitrogen can be used for some cryogenic treatmentIf the temperature is lower, can use liquid helium.Cryogenic applications
Q:Can the cryogenic phase control the cooling rate?
2, the compressor refrigeration principle: the use of the suction pipe of refrigerant gas inhalation of low temperature and low pressure, through the operation of the motor drives the piston to compress it after high temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas discharge pipe to the exhaust, to provide power for the refrigeration cycle, so as to realize the compression, condensation, expansion and evaporation (endothermic) refrigeration cycle. The refrigerant of the compressor can be repeatedly used for a plurality of times, the consumption is relatively small, the power consumption in the refrigeration process is more, the cooling rate is relatively small, and the refrigeration temperature range is 0-80 DEG C. The above mentioned two kinds of refrigeration in the process of industrial production of cryogenic box, the use of liquid nitrogen refrigeration will be more. Liquid nitrogen refrigeration can be used in the temperature range from 0 DEG C to -196 DEG C. []
Q:What is the meaning of cryogenic technology in the mechanical process, what is the specific practice?
High speed steel W18Cr4V cryogenic hardness, impact toughness and wear resistance are significantly improved with the use of its manufacturing tool life increased by 2~5 times
Q:How many changes in the properties of the cryogenic metal?
The name of the processing content specification / processing content of the original service life (sub / piece) after the service life (times / pieces)1 milling cutter milling keyway 7.5-2NT 40034352 step drilling hole Phi: 1.2, 23, 1331004163 milling cutter milling air hole Phi 11.5, 32-2NT
Q:Ultra low pressure casting mold useful, how to arrange the process? Thank you
Cryogenic treatment in the connector industry and plastic mold industry has a large number of applications, connectors and plastic products industry production temperature is not high, about 300 degrees! Thus the mold in the production of hot and cold alternating stress is less, after doing a cryogenic treatment, the role of the stability of the size of the more obvious, tube time is longer!
Q:What is a cryogenic fast line
Broadly, cryogenic means - the temperature under 100 ℃, in industry can be divided into gas liquefaction technology, chemical industry and material industry of cryogenic treatment.

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