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Its in a vase with water now.
Lol, listen to Jordan, how come your not top contributor yet? Your funny as heck! But um, mary k make sure the soil is reasonably wet when planting your now spider plant. Some drunken folks around here have referred to it as a syder plant. Fill a garden pot up w/ soil and water the dirt, so that every speck of soil, even those small white balls ( what are they, vermiculite? ) are soaked. Wait five minutes, lightly push the soil down in the pot. You'll find that there was less dirt than you thought was previous administered to the garden host, I mean garden pot. :) Depending on how much level is left ( lightly pushing the soil down, eliminates air pockets and improves overall root growth on any plant and makes watering an easier task. ), place your new found, water logged, rooted spider/syder plant on the soil, dig a little depression if you must. When transplanting cuttings, it's a good idea to remind yourself to make sure the roots are pointing downward. If you take to mind, to remember that you will most likely succeed in any future transplanting. Backfill around the spider plant, you just planted. Meaning, pile some dirt to cover up the roots. Water again. Lightly if you can. So, as if not to flood the plant but, to simply water the dirt in, around the roots. A shower spray from a garden hose or a low pressure from the kitchen sink faucet sprayer would work great. Remember to keep your happily, newly planted spider plant's soil moist for a week after transplanting. Remember, it's used to living in water. Not drenched, just content. After its established itself, let the soil dry out before watering again. Oh my. Have fun! Good luck, enjoy. Good night, it's late for me. (:
I asked home depot for vermiculite , they said they had perlite and it is the same but I am not so sure about it. Vermiculite is also used by pool suppliers but I am not so sure this is what kind of vermiculite that you would use for a square foot garden. Any help?
this is a sight for seriouse answers not dumb jokes...grow up...there is no such thing as a south american vermiculite snail and snails dont cough let alone do their mothers abandon them because they neve get raised by there mother .... ***
I am using a good lunch bag with the silver Thermos around it for insulation then a tuba where filled with vermiculite And i added some water (moist) and i keep it by the heat lamp but not directly under it and i keep close watch on the Temperature around 85 and the eggs are just covered enough the see parts of them
If the eggs turn it may drown the embryo. and that they are no longer notably stressful so be careful. it incredibly is the 0.33 undesirable suggestion i've got seen Shane supply interior the ten min i've got been on the computing device
1. Ok, so lately my cats have seemed to think that my square foot garden is their own personal litter box. In a few days I should be getting some herbs to plant, so I don't want the waste to hurt them. I'm going to get some flexible black tubing and make a quot;chcukwagonquot; like structure with netting to try to keep them out (I'm staking it down). Do you think the herbs will be fine?2. Ok, so my square foot herb garden was actually a vegetable garden last year, but really the only things that did good were the broccoli, peppers (3 types), and rosemary. The pumpkins, watermelons, brussel sprouts, and spinach all failed. Now I decided to just do an herb garden. It was made with peat moss, compost, and some sort of landscapers soil. I've fortified it a couple days ago with a light sprinkling of more compost. the soil seems really light, but I think I may need to add vermiculite. Should I add vermiculite? thanks
Vermiculite okorder
I‘m going to grow starberries, peppers, tomatos, potatos, watermelons, tangerines, grapefruits, lemons, sunflowers and alot more. I was wondering, can I use my outside dirt and make a healthy homade compsit for the dirt? Can you help me thanks. How to make it and put it in the dirt
You can make your own compost. It takes some time and work. You should locate sources of both green material (sources of nitrogen) and brown material (sources of carbon). Use about equal amounts of green and brown. If you've never made compost before, I highly recommend that you read up on it before you start to find out how to do it best. You need a bin or location suited for a good pile. A way to turn the compost and a water source to keep it moist. Depending on the weather, location of compost, aeration or turning it could take from 1 to 8 months for your stuff to break down into compost.
anyone know where to purchase a small bag of vermiculite in Arizona phoenix area? I'm have trouble searching for a place. I want to use it for my tarantula.
1. To loosen the soil and keep it from compacting. 2. To improve drainage.
What can vermiculite do?
In appearance, the vermiculite is earthy yellow, flashing golden particles from time to time. The smaller ones are like golden powder, and the larger ones are as large as the grains of rice. Holding a handle is very light, because its weight is only 1/10 of the same volume of soil.
My snake should be laying any day now. Her nest box has moss in it. Should I incubate in it or should I use vermiculite?