hello I'm building a TIG welder and have found the output from my stick welders to be not so good for aluminum(60 Hz on one). I've heard that high frequency AC is the way to do AL but am not sure what constitutes high. I do have a nice miller gas driven welder also that is maybe triple the frequency of my line driven one but still had issues with it. does anyone know of an actual # ? I may be able to build an inverting PWM supply eventually to do this but am not sure what I would need it to do. does anyone have any data that might help? any data/tips about aluminum would be appreciated, thanks in advance. FYI I do understand why AC works so much better on AL, what with the oxides that are always present.
Best not to play around with jury-rigged equipment if you don't have to. The best option w...
i dont want aluminum cookware, but how about a stainless steel set with an aluminum core. Is this the same as aluminum pots and pans? Thanks.
The aluminum is encased in the stainless steel, usually as a thick disk in the bottom. It ...
A certain ionic compound is made entirely of aluminum and oxygenWhat is the formula for this compound?
Aluminum Oxide Al2O3...
I'm having trouble with another chem problemAluminum sulfide reacts w/water to form aluminum hydroxide and hydrogen sulfide. Write the balanced chemical equation for this reaction and find how many grams of aluminum hydroxide are obtained from 14.2 g of aluminum sulfide.I already found the balanced equation but I need help on finding how many grams of aluminum hydroxide are obtained from 14.2 g of aluminum sulfide. Can someone please explain how it's done?
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metals an aluminum can is made of, cast aluminum, 6160 aluminum, sheet aluminum
the aluminum is alloyed with various metals to change the characteristics of the aluminum ...
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