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Rock wool insulation material fire rating is how much
With low thermal conductivity, the use of high temperature, fire non-flammable, construction convenience, energy-saving effect is remarkable, there is a high cost performance. Adiabatic with rock wool, mineral wool and its products for a variety of pipe insulation and fire protection
Rock wool products are divided into several categories
What are the main categories of rock wool products in interior decoration materials?
The difference between rock wool and rock wool
The difference between rock wool and rock wool
What does the rock wool board look like?
Rock wool board to basalt as a material, after high temperature melting processing into artificial inorganic fibers, with a light weight, thermal conductivity, heat absorption, non-flammable characteristics
What role does dolomite play in rock wool products?
Rock wool is a traditional insulation material, because it is inorganic materials, insulation performance is not very good
How to judge the quality of rock wool
Rock wool products, the important content of rock wool products, the density range is kg / m3 100-250 ± 15%, in this density of rock wool board to meet product quality requirements
Rock wool products and aluminum silicate acupuncture blankets are same
No, rock wool is ore blown wire, aluminum silicate is coke gem
Rock wool board is inorganic composite insulation material
Insulation material A-level fire is organic meet the inorganic meet resolutely