High Purity Natural High Carbon amorphous graphite Powder/balls

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42000 m.t./month
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Natural amorphous graphite

•Capacity: More than 500,000 Ton/year

•Reserves of resources with mining rights: 

  24.11 million tons, 9 graphite mines

•Product range: 

  amorphous graphite, including graphite balls, graphite powder, graphite granular and anthracite. 

  Associated resource development, graphite deep processing, new material product R&D, etc.

Q:How does graphite powder solidify into a lump? What bond is best used?After solidification can be more than 1000 degrees high temperature does not change
The only way to do this is by using physical methods, high temperature and high pressure, to agglomerate the graphite powder from the molecular level. Now, by simulating the high temperature and pressure of the earth's crust, graphite can be turned into diamond (that is, diamonds)
Q:The difference between silicone and silicone?
Characteristics of silica gel:Silica gel is a one component, room temperature vulcanized liquid rubber. Once exposed to air, the silane monomer condensed, forming a network structure, crosslinked, unable to melt and dissolve, elastic, rubbery, and adhesive. The thermal conductivity is slightly higher than the general rubber, but compared with the thermal grease is much lower, and once cured, it is difficult to separate the adhesive objects, generally can only be used in graphics cards, memory radiator. Mainly used in silicone adhesive low-end card heat sink and the main chip, bonding and particles, particles of the memory memory and radiator. The high-end products are generally used to dissipate heat with grease, and then use the clip fins fixed on the substrate, but it will increase the cost of. The radiating fins are fixed in the low-end graphics chip and good memory particles, and the heat sink in the low-end graphics cards generally are relatively small, so the use of silicone adhesive is common; and high-end graphics and the CPU heat is far greater than the general low-end graphics chip and memory particle heat generation, and the head is relatively CPU so, the grease with radiator and clip form. If used on the CPU will cause overheating, and it is difficult to remove the heat sink, pull down, it may directly damage the CPU or CPU socket. And if you pull down the silicone adhesive cards, heat sink, it is possible to display the chip from the PCB pull down. From this point, we can see who has a better heat conduction effect.
Q:How can the clinker graphite powder be dissolved in water?
To achieve this purpose many methods; the titanate coupling agent and silane coupling agent is used in simple water dispersion system of the surface modification, hydrophilic group will make Shi Mofen (film) dispersed in water while stirring under shear stress.
Q:Does graphite allow lubrication of rusted doors?
Tolerable。 However, there is a premise: rust must be removed with rust.Lock force rust is generally not easy to lock inside the material easily rust off, then need to use oil to rust, rust removing, the graphite powder filling hole, and then the key to rotate back and forth, you can make the door lubrication.
Q:How can graphite paper be made? Can graphite powder be solidified without brittleness?
Process for the preparation of graphite paper: high carbon flake graphite, graphite by chemical processing into acid (also known as graphite oxide or expandable graphite), in high temperature 960 to 980 DEG C for a few seconds, the level of the graphite lattice moment along the C axis expansion, a fiber floc type vermicular graphite. The expanded graphite is very soft, the roller for the rolling forming, expanded graphite and flexible graphite sheet or foil sheet.
Q:The axis and drum can use graphite powder lubrication
No, graphite powder is suitable for high temperature environment, and the lubricating effect is better than that of lubricating oil
Q:The principle of a graphite missile
Graphite conducts graphite on the wire to short-circuit the circuit
Q:Will dust explosion occur in graphite dust? If you have definite or negative judgment, please share it according to data.
Dust explosion condition(1) flammable dusts are suspended in the air at proper concentration to form dust clouds which are often called;(2) adequate air and oxidizing agents;(3) there is fire or strong vibration and friction. Generally believed that the explosive dust as long as the conditions (1) and conditions (2), it means that there are possible signs of the accident.
Q:What binder does the graphite powder form with?
Image, graphite powder, like flour, in order to make bar shaped, such as face and water, you need to add something. Because of the low activity of graphite powder, a kind of binder is needed. Let the graphite powder stick into shape.
Q:The graphite powder can replace thermal grease?
Graphite is non-toxic, but graphite powder is harmful to human body; and graphite is used mostly in conductive products (common battery).

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