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Where is the linear guide?
What it says is not understood. In general, as long as the straight-line movement can be used, in the end is that product?. In automation, such as drilling machine, bench drill can be used straight guide, some people say no no is no drill, commonly used, but with automation, generally. 2 pneumatic is the most widely used linear guide rail. Most of the old miniature linear guides are now removed from the cylinder.
Can the guide rail and screw rod of NC lathe be hydraulic anti-wear 68#?
General use of ordinary 30# mechanical oil on it, there is no need to use hydraulic oil. There is the viscosity should pay attention to the choice of the wrong grades of oil, will cause the machine tool inexplicable trouble!
When the control cabinet, 35mm installation of the guide rail to the control panel when the installation of screws, how many M?
What is the rail specification? This 35mm is just the length
Can I use oil for the guide rail of the machining center?
Depends on your machine in this regard there is no requirement, if it is ordinary machine does not matter, high-speed machines may not.
The linear guide rail is used under water. Besides stainless steel, what else can be used to prevent rust?
Simple is to grease, but it will rub off.Then you can wire other metal on the surface of your rail, but the cost is high.These two methods of choosing matters that are more relevant to your situation.Ohmic anode protection method two upstairs man said, I think your guide under the water.
The rack is fixed on the guide rail, the slider is connected to the motor, the motor is connected with the gear, can you do that?
Yes, the design is very simple, but the accuracy is not very high
Is it a ball screw or a straight guide?
Different things, not comparable, like, are used in combination of the 2
The design requires electrical leads, but I don't know what the standard number is,Which person can provide the standard number of the electrical appliance guide rail?
EN50022, EN50035, EN50045China seems to have no standard