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Does dredging dredger need relevant qualification?
But if the local government regulations must be legitimate formal dredging project, estimated to need to apply for a ship's certificate, it is equivalent to a person's identity card! If you need Qingzhou Wynn mine, you can go through the whole process, the relevant costs to consult manufacturers.
What are the crew members on the dredge?
But in general, the dredger crew responsible for the work can be divided into: navigation, communication and work positioning on the ship, electrician, turbine, maintenance, and operation personnel (dredging) and special equipment (such as grab dredger crane and grab operation, cutter suction, suction dredger winch, water pump operation etc.).
The famous type of cutter suction dredger
The famous famous suction dredger is China's sky whale, (Tianjin River Navigation Bureau), sky Navigation Bureau, 5000kW and so on. At present, the world's largest is Luxemburg, Jan, De, Nul dredging group JDN8069.
How much dredging can the 4000 side /h suction dredge dredge in one day? Soft silt
The pump in the cabin and the underwater pump are full load. The length of the pipeline is within 3 kilometers, and the depth is about -16 meters. According to the rate of 18 hours per day, the production rate is 61200 according to 3400.The actual amount should be between 45000 and 55000.
Classification of trailing suction dredgers for trailing suction dredger
A single suction dredger rake or harrow, are arranged on the ship or on both sides.
What is the difference between a cutter suction dredger and a trailing suction dredger?
TSHD is installed through the chain of dredge bucket will be dug out of the bottom mud, stored on a ship or barge dredger edges.
Who has the construction plan of dredger dredger after dredger dredging and dredging with dredger barge?
Would dig into the mud barge, barge by suction dredger, using force pump suction dredger through pipelines on shore
What is the working principle of a cutter suction dredger?
Adjust the transverse retractable cable winch, traverse speed and stop, to change the movement speed and cutting cutter position change in different sections. The mud pump is then pumped through the sludge line and the muddy water mixture is delivered to the designated blow in area. The cutter suction dredger by dredging machinery and equipment according to the design requirements of the excavation dredging area of rivers and lakes, and the dredged material through the mud pipeline transportation to dike back water side with fill; it is conducive to the expansion of cross-section, and it helps to prevent the foundation piping failure. It has been widely used in river and lake dredging works.