Fiberglass Geogrid with Good Quality and Best Price

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 composite geogrid is made by blending high tensile steel wire which is specially processed and polyethylene (P.E.), and adds other accessory ingredients and though squeezing out to make it become complex belt that gas good tension resistance, and the surface ha rough embossing, which makes the reinforced geosynthetics belt. Based on the single belt and arranged by knitting or clamping vertically and horizontally according to certain space and fused on their connection points by using specially reinforced fusion-jointing technique, which makes the reinforced geogrid.

Fiberglass Geogrid with Good Quality and Best Price


  1. High intensity and small distortion

  2. Slow creep

  3. Anti-corrosive, long-term service life, steel plastic geogrid material with steel plastic material as its protector, and with various accessory ingredients to make the product have the abilities if anti-aging and anti-oxidation resisting permant project more than 100 years, and the performance is superior, the size stability is good.

  4. The construction is convenient, the cycle is short, the cost is low; it is easy to lay down, join, locate, avoids overlapping cross over, but reduces the project cycle effectively, saves the building cost of projects by 10%--50%.Fiberglass Geogrid with Good Quality and Best Price


The products are applied widely in railway, bridge, dock, retaining wall, dam ti reinforce the soft soil’s foundation and to resist the road surface’s crack.


The high-strength One-way (vertical) Geogrid








Vertical limit-tensile strength KN/m ≥







Vertical limit elongation(%)≤


The tensile strength of elongation at 1%KN/m ≥








The high-strength steel-plastic Two-way (vertical and horizontally) Geogrid








Biaxial ultimate tension KN/m ≥







Biaxial ultimate elongation (%)≤


The tensile strength of elongationat 1% KN/m ≥







Packaging and storage

The Steel plastic composite geogrid, the length of the product roll is decided by the construction requests. The rolls are to be horizontally placed and not more than 6 layers high.

Unless otherwise specified, the production should be stored in a non-corrosive gas, non-dust, well-ventilated, dry and rainproof area.

It is recommended that the room temperature should be maintained below 35°C,and humidity should be always maintained below 65%

Fiberglass Geogrid with Good Quality and Best Price

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Q:Do you need a production license for the production of geogrid?
Generally not much
Q:How to restore the plastic geogrid after being destroyed?
1 raw material quality in accordance with the required frequency and standard sampling, strengthening the construction of protection against pollution and destruction.
Q:Geotextile manufacturers which good?
Needle punched nonwoven fabric and PE film composite geotextile:A specification film cloth, a cloth film two, maximum width of 4.2 meters is the main raw material to use acupuncture non-woven polyester staple fiber, PE film by composite, is mainly used for seepage control, applicable to rail, highway, tunnel, subway, airport project. Geotextile manufacturers can choose Wo environmental protection
Q:Construction method of glass fiber grid
2, road surface conditionPavement must be clean, clean, dry, temperature at 5 degrees Celsius -60 degrees celsius.3, product preparationSelf adhesive fiberglass geogrid shall not be stored in a dry environment on the site to keep the viscosity.4, matters needing attention(1) workers must wear gloves when contacting self adhesive fiberglass grille.(2) when the self adhesive glass fiber grating is used for passing through obstacles, it is necessary to use a knife to cut off the geogrid.(3) it is not allowed to fold when laying self adhesive fiberglass grille, so there must be enough tension in the course of laying.(4) the overlap of the end part is 75-150 mm, which ensures that the overlap is along the laying direction.(5) overlapping parts on both sides of 25-50 mm.(6) only the construction vehicle or the emergency vehicle shall be allowed to walk on the ground after being laid and rolled down, but it shall be ensured that the damage of the geogrid shall not be caused by the turning or braking of the vehicle.
Q:Plastic two-way geogrid hole 4 cm thick, 1 mm wire width of 4 mm
Your expression is not clear,
Q:See details of the application of design code for railway embankment geosynthetics TB10018-2006
The vertical and horizontal strength fracture elongation is basically on the other side of the 2 point and sometimes the strength of the joint is required!
Q:Fiberglass grille price?
Glass fiber geogrid, also known as fiberglass geogrid, fiberglass geogrid, is a kind of geogrid, mainly used for asphalt pavement, asphalt pavement to prevent cracks.
Q:Sampling method of Geogrid
The best way is to ask the quality inspection station, sampling is not the same everywhere
Q:The geogrid is convenient for construction, time saving, labor saving, shorten the construction period and reduce maintenance cost.
That gap has been covered in tape, then tape the knife more she cut off, finally brush mortar.4, let it dry naturally, and then gently polished.
Q:What is the difference between Geogrid and geogrid
A series of three dimensional mesh or a three-dimensional grid screen with a certain height, which is made of thermoplastic polymers, such as vinyl chloride, is used as a civil engineering. Engineering applications: highway, railway, bridge, road, pier, dam, slag field, such as soft soil foundation reinforcement, retaining wall and pavement crack resistance engineering and other fields. Glass fiber mesh used in exterior wall, interior wall paint, mainly to prevent cracking, different materials at the junction of mortar plastering material hollowing. Local node reinforcement will also be used

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