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Yes, aluminum sheets are suitable for manufacturing automotive parts. Aluminum is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and has excellent strength-to-weight ratio, making it an ideal material for automotive components. It offers flexibility in design, allows for fuel efficiency, and helps improve overall vehicle performance.
My grandpa died from Alzheimer’s disease, I didn't know what it was but I came across something slightly disturbing. There were several blog and research sites linking Sodium Aluminum Phosphate ((you know the stuff in bisquick pancake batter stuff or maybe eggo waffles)) what bothered me is that two root words of that ingredient bothers me aluminum Phosphate ((is that like phospherous, as in phospherous paint...didn't that turn out bad to the body?)) If so maybe I need a second opinion or ensurance that it is real or not if it is I'm not eating pancakes again. Please help answer this.
Sodium aluminum phosphate is an ingredient in baking powder, which is used as a leavening agent (creates the holes / airspaces) in products like waffles, pancakes, cakes, breads. Only a small amount is used, so I'm not personally worried about the amount--I don't eat things like pancakes, waffles, cakes very often. Most breads tend to use yeast as the leavening agent, which means they do not use baking powder. I suppose waffles, pancakes, and cakes could be made with yeast as a leavening agent, but it would be a more time consuming (and complicated) process. (Iirc, some pancakes are made with sourdough, which uses yeast as a leavening agent.) By the way, making your own pancakes or waffles at home does not solve the problem unless you eliminate baking powder and use yeast instead. I've never heard of phosphorus paint, or a danger from it--the one I remember is lead paint and the dangers from it. Maybe I'm just getting old and not keeping up with all the latest hazards. To conclude, I'm not worried about the small amounts of sodium aluminum phosphate that I may get from eating products made with baking powder. Maybe if I ate large stacks of pancakes every day, I'd be more concerned, but I think the bigger concern in that case would be a lack of variety (and various trace nutrients)in my diet.
I know there are recycling centers that pay for aluminum and the suchBut I just have so much paper from college letters and bookletsalso a lot of old magazines I want to tossI'd just like to know if I could benefit from taking it all to a recycling center or someplacebesides helping the environment of which I love to do:P
well i think it would be best to watch the cooking shows on tv cause they have a lot of good ideas or just look up things online.
Certainly, electrical bus bars can indeed utilize aluminum sheet. Aluminum is widely employed in electrical applications because of its exceptional conductivity and cost-effectiveness. Its electrical conductivity is high, comparable to copper, enabling it to effectively carry significant currents. Moreover, aluminum is lightweight and exhibits commendable resistance against corrosion, rendering it a favored option for bus bars in specific applications. Nevertheless, it is crucial to carefully evaluate the electrical system's specific requirements and standards before opting for aluminum sheet as bus bars.
I have found several web sites that say aluminum is a better insulator which makes no sense to me but that's what they say. I know aluminum is a little more durable but I all the companies seem to only do mostly vinyl.
Hm-m-m! This is an interesting question. Unless your aluminum siding had a mirror finish on the outside (which neither you nor your community could tolerate on a bright, sunny day) and at least a 1/2 or so thick insulating blanket on the backside, I believe that white vinyl would be a better, cheaper, insulating siding. BUT -- aluminum siding, painted with the proper, staying white paint and a insulating blanket on the backside would, I believe, give a very adequate insulating performance and outlast vinyl 10 to 1. Vinyl has the nasty habit of just coming all apart after a few years of just EXISTING, much less weathering. Aluminum can be repainted again and again and still be sound.
Are you old enough to remember when T.Vdinners were packaged in aluminum trays?
A spinning wheel will produce a much more even thread.
i dyed my hair before to this redish color, and only the roots got paintedthe rest of my hair was still blacki tried this two times and the color still wouldnt show, so i guess it was because my hair is too dark? last week i dyed it to brown (hoping it would go on, since its not a much lighter color) but it didnti got a box paint left which is burgundy colorAnd ima use that one,any tips so it would actually hold on? my friend told me to put aluminum foil after im finishing dying it, will this work?
1Mechanical pencils or wooden pencils? Wooden 2Traveling by boat, plane or car? Car 3Partying or going out to dinner? Partying 4Animals or plants? Animals 5Dogs or cats? Cats 6Pancakes or waffles? Pancakes 9Black or white? White 10Pink or blue? Blue 11Orange or green? Green 12LA or NYC? NYC 13London or Paris? Paris 14French or Spanish (languages, not people)? French(: 15When your were a kid did you have a security blanket or an imaginary friend? Neither, more like a doll that I brought with me everywhere16Prada or Coach? Coach17In high school: school or extracurriculars? Extracurriculars 18Halloween or Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving 19Rice Krispies or Fiber One? Rice Krispies 20Running or swimming? Swimming 21Yahoo Mail or Gmail? Gmail 22Ice cream, frozen yogurt or gelato?Ice Cream 23For chilling at home-jeans or sweats? sweats 24For FUN-TV or internet? internet 25High school summer job: babysitting or lifeguard? babysitting
In a lab experiment, you added sodium metal to aluminum oxide. Write a balanced equation for this experiment and predict whether or not a reaction will occur.Benzene (C6H6) is a common industrial solvent. Write a balanced equation for the combustion of benzene in oxygen. Assume that the combustion is complete.
sodium metal = Na aluminum oxide = Al2O3 (because Al has a 3+ charge and O has a 2- charge you need 2 x Al (+6) and 3 x O (-6) to make the compound neutral) 6Na + Al2O3 = 3Na2O + 2Al This is an oxidation-reduction type of reaction (also called single replacement). The reactions indicates Na is becoming 1+ so it is losing electrons (oxidation). The Al is becoming 0 so it is gaining electrons (reduction). Since Na has a highter oxidation potential that Al, this reaction is favored. Combustion means to react with oxygen to form CO2 + H2O (complete combustion) 2C6H6 + 15O2 = 12CO2 + 6H2O