1235 7 micron Aluminum Foil for Food and Packaging

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5 m.t.
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10000 m.t./month

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Grade: 1000 Series,3000 Series,4000 Series,5000 Series,6000 Series,7000 Series,2000 Series Surface Treatment: Coated,Embossed,Anodized,Polished,Mill Finish,Color Coated,Oxidized,Enameled Wire,Brushed,Printed,Composited,Holographic Impression,Sand Blasted,Powder Coating Shape: Angle,Square,T-Profile,Round,Flat,Rectangular,Oval,Hexagonal
Temper: T3-T8,O-H112,T351-T651,T351-T851,Soft,Half Hard,Hard Application: Liner & Wad,Decorations,Door & Window,Heat Sink,Transportation Tools,Glass Wall,Food,Kitchen Use,Pharmaceutical,Seal & Closure,Insulation Material,Label & Tag

Product Description:

1235 7 micron Aluminum Foil for Food and Packaging


Width: 50-800mm
Thickness: 8-25mic
Length: 3-300m 


High-temperature sterilization

Made of advanced food grade alu material,no pollution

Eco-friendly, recoverable and recyclable 


widely used for food cooking, freezing wrapping, storing etc, the main application are for household and catering, which are targeting for retail market and food service market, such as hypermarket, chain store and hotel, restaurant etc.


One roll in an individual box or printed PP bag

Certain quantities in a standard carton

Depends on customer’s request



Q1:Do you provide sample? How many days will samples be finished?
  Free samples will be provided if needed, but customers should undertake shipping cost or freight charges, samples will be finished in 5-7days

Q2: Can we visit your factory?

 Welcome to our factory at any time.

Q3: Complaint solving process

Finding your salesman—Salesman provide you the solution (If it’s our responsibility, we will resend substitutes or return money or provide discount for your next order, etc.; If it’s shipping company’s responsibility, we will also help you until the problem is resolved.) —If salesman can’t solve your problem, please call our manager .

Q4: Delivery time

 3~30working days after confirming the payment. If the order is urgent, we will push our workers to finish in advance.

Q5: What's your MOQ?
Normally 8MT are requested as the minium order quantity ,we shall give

additional instructions in special circumstances.

Q6: What are the terms of payment and currencies do you accept?
 T/T or L/C is accepted, currently we appreciated your payment through 


Q7: Do you accept customized orders?
 Yes, we do. Your customized orders are always welcomed. Please kindly offer us your samples or drawings, so that we can customize the products according to your preferences. About any further detail, please feel free to contact us.
Q8: What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?
  Your detailed requirements regarding the products's dimensions, including shape, thickness, top out (length*width*height), and your order quantity are highly appreciated if you want further information about our quotation
Q9: How about the mass production?
  The lead time of mass production depend on quantity, usually 25-30days (20FT).

1235 7 micron Aluminum Foil for Food and Packaging

1235 7 micron Aluminum Foil for Food and Packaging

1235 7 micron Aluminum Foil for Food and Packaging

1235 7 micron Aluminum Foil for Food and Packaging

1235 7 micron Aluminum Foil for Food and Packaging

1235 7 micron Aluminum Foil for Food and Packaging

1235 7 micron Aluminum Foil for Food and Packaging


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