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okay i am making a apple pie for thanksgiving not much of a baker tho so i have come up with this recipe from people lemme know wat u think plus does anyone know if i can buy dough already for this without having to mix it but only roll.get about 7 apples, cut into slices peel outsidesoak in water an lemon juicemix together flour, sugar and cinnamon drain apples and mix with batterput in pie thingput the top crust over and make design around with fork or knifeput aluminum foil around sides so they dont burnput some slits on topbake at 400 for about an hour20 min till done take off aluminum around edges
I was just wondering if price fluctuations for recycling aluminum cans follow time of year.
Around here, we get the same price all year roundNo seasonal fluctuations.
What's the aluminum-foil bag? What's the purpose of it? Is it poisonous? Can it be uesd in food industry?
Aluminum-foil bag is a kind of bag that using the ductility of aluminum and pressed by machine. There are some poisonous metal bags like external packing of capsule,capsule mounting and packing box of milk products.
It is clearly fake, I am a collegiate wrestler who knows ppl who now do it professionally.The whole thing is staged, the ring has shock absorbers in it, the metal chairs they use are made of lighter aluminum, barb wire bats don't have sharp tips but are rounded?What is the interest? People could watch real drama instead of bad acting and they could watch real fighting(mma).So why do people watch it?
Thermocouples are made by joining two dissimilar metals that produce a voltage (Seebeck effect) that is variable with TemperatureThermistors are resistors that are variable by the TemperatureSo a circuit that is measuring voltage would use the Thermocouple and one that is measuring current would use the ThermistorBoth would work in a 2m depth in the groundThe only thing to really make up your mind is what you want to spend (cost of the device) and what you want to measure (cost of the circuit)In both cases I believe it would be cheaper to go with the ThermistorYou could use a regular Ohm meter to tell the difference in resistance value.
I found a recipe for peanut butter cookies that do not require eggs or butterI want cookies I just simply don't have those ingredients on hand, so I'm being creativeDo I really need to line the cookie sheet with parchment paper? Will aluminum foil do?
this is my first time I am buying a grill and dont know what is goodIf we use gas grill tan why cant we use oven in that case and how can it give smokey flavour like in coal grillsI need somethig small and compact and good at the same timeAlso what are combination charcoal grillspl help
i have no aluminum foil :(
I assume you are putting it in the oven while frozenI would cover it and remove the cover during the last 20 minutes of baking timeNo foil? Got a cookie sheet or baking pan or lid that will fit over the top?
What should you NOT put in a microwave?
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