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What is the bottle stopper of red wine?
Fill plug: This is a kind of identity in the cork family is low, and it matches natural born the same, but because of relatively poor quality, the quality of the surface of the impurities in the holes will have an impact on the surface, with a mixture of cork powder and a binder in cork smear evenly, filled with cork defects and breathing holes. This bottle stopper is usually used to preserve wines of lower quality.
What about opening the bottle without tools?
After simple processing, the newspaper can also open the bottle cap. Fold the newspaper into a thin piece first, then fold it in half to create a hard folding angle. With this angle, the cap is raised by the lever principle. If it is difficult to pry the whole bottle cap, it can be pressed around the bottle cap until it is successful.See above is not how to open the beer bottle opener? Besides the above methods open the beer bottle, and the table, stool, chopsticks can also, in no case can opener, find temporary tools instead of using a bar, the principle of open beer bottles. With one hand, press the tool under the bottle, hold it up, and then pry it up until the bottle top is prized.
Why red wine stopper on the sealing foil has a small hole?
The envelope has another function in Europe. It is also used as an export certificate for wines. A custom metal envelope license called "CapsuleConge" is also available on French export wine envelopes. Some Wine bottle on the envelope can be found in some small holes, may be two, three or four holes, the intention was to Wine in the envelope is completely sealed, the opportunity to contact with air, usually young wine is more common, some intermediate Wine will also have this kind of practice.
How can I open the beverage bottle easily?
This is my usual method. If it's a plastic bottle, try to reverse the bottle and then twist it with your right hand! Without effort! If it is a bottle, it can be knocked open with hard objects such as coins
Why should a small hole be opened on the lid of the teapot?
The effect of a teapot opening small holes in a teapot:The small hole on the pot is used to regulate the pressure inside and outside the pot
The bottle cap can not be screwed. What shall I do?
With the scissors tip in the lower edge of the bottle, gently pry it. You can feel the gas discharge noise. How to open the bottle is still not open to open the bottle with hot water soak and open the soda bottle if you try to cover plastic scalded with boiling water,Or a slap in the bottom of the bottle with hand twist the most stupid teeth should lower the temperature by using the principle of pressure screw die too if it is classified as friction principle with great force so I suggest you take a pat on the bottom of the bottle or rubber gloves with hot water soak by conversion of the interaction, tightly hold the bottle, and the bottle body can rotate. It's OK to use a spoon to beat a few laps along the bottle cap, but not too much effort. A uses the lever principle: a medium wrench, a small towel, and a cap (the longer the wrench, the less effort)
Lunch box heating lid on the lid, and put it for some time can not open, how to do?
You can't open the fridge. Put it in the microwave and try it under the heat. Heat up and cold contraction principle, ah, the gas temperature down, the volume is small, so the concave into, and then inside the gas heating, so that he can expand
Is it necessary to make a lid for tea?
Pour the kettle over the hot water, including the spout and lid, and rinse the cup, then drain the teapot and the cup. The purpose of the utility model is to raise the temperature of the tea set, and the temperature of the tea is relatively stable after the tea is brewed, so that the temperature is not too fast to drop, which is especially important for the brewing of the coarse old tea.