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What is the stopper (soft) made of wine?
Cork was not really associated with wine bottles until the middle of the seventeenth Century. At that time, as another option, frosted glass stoppers appeared from time to time so that they could fit into different bottlenecks, which had been used for a long time. Until 1825, these glass stoppers remained the bottle stopper. Finally, the glass stopper was finally rejected, because if the cap removed, in addition to the bottle smashed almost nothing for it outside. Before the cork is used as a practical bottle cap, there is a doubt that it will find a tool that can be easily drilled into oak and can remove the cork. For the first time, a similar bottle opening device was introduced in 1681. It was described as "a steel worm used to pull cork out of a bottle."". The manual was then used 50 years ago to remove bullets and soft fillers from guns. It was called "bottle drill" at first. It was not formally called "bottle opener" until 1720.
The lid lock is sucked, not open, how to do?
The box heating air expanded, discharged outside the box; when the heating and cooling time, but due to cold air, the lid is sealed, outside of the box to go into the air, negative pressure is formed inside the box, so open, add a little warm, generally can be opened.
What is the principle of opening a cork without a bottle opener?
A straight tree, folded cloth or towel flat on the bottom of the bottle, and then stacked on the cloth bottom collision tree balanced strong, so that the internal impact of the original bottle of wine to soak in the carbon dioxide precipitation, so that the pressure inside the bottle increases rapidly, so as to help a bit a little wine stopper top, when the cork was the top left about 1/3, then only need to use a hand to the rest of the cork screw out can be completed opened
Put the fish in a mineral water bottle and put on the lid. Will the fish die?
Every time I fish, opercularis, 7 hours, I cover the long, soon opened, will not die! I don't know what kind of fish you have. It's tenacious and not tenacious!
Use the microwave oven to cover any soup
Pay attention to the following two points:1, do not airtight, we must add a gas permeable lid, or do not fully cover the tight;2, in the process of liquid in the microwave oven in may appear suddenly boiling and burst phenomenon, the high temperature liquid sprayed around, is likely to result in the hot, liquid food heating soup class should pay attention to not too long at high temperature.
An empty bottle with a bottle stopper. Is the pressure inside the bottle equal to the atmospheric pressure outside the bottle? Why?Is the pressure of gas not different from that of atmospheric pressure?
Because the bottle does not inhale and does not deflate until it is in equilibrium, the internal and external pressures are equal. When the lid is applied, the temperature remains the same, the pressure remains constant, or the atmosphere is equal to the pressure
Why wood stopper for wine?
Oak was used as a bottle stopper at the time of its birth. Fifth Century BC the Greeks sometimes with oak to stuff the Wine pot, under their leadership, the Romans began to use oak as cork, with sealing wax.
Can the plastic lunch box be heated by microwave oven? Does the lid need to be removed?
Only labeled as "5" or PP is the microwave furnace for plastic box, can be placed in a microwave oven, no marked plastic do not put into the microwave oven, even for microwave oven box in use, but also to remove caps.