Embossed Aluminum Foil Lids for Pet Food Plastic Cups

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1000000 pc/month

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Product Description:

 Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:1000PCS/BOX,and 18BOXES/CARTON
Delivery Detail:15-20 days down after payment.


Aluminium foil packaging
Diameter 37-150mm
Good printing,prevent leakage
Good seal & easy peel off


Product Description

--.Aluminium Foil Heat Seal Lids And Rolls


   aluminium foil + PP easy seal film

   aluminium foil + PP lacquer

   aluminium foil + PS lacquer

   aluminium foil + PS film

   aluminium foil + PE film

--.AL.foil thickness:


--.Total thickness(with embossed):

   110micron - 130micron


   Available for PP/PS/PE/PET and glass cups

--.Size: 39mm - 144mm Outer diameter

--.Printing colors: 0 - 8 colors




Packaging & Shipping


18 boxes/carton,1000pcs/box, inner the plastic bag




Technical Requirements:

Ave. weight

Over lacquer


Printing ink




Aluminum foil

108.4g/m2~ 135g/m2

Heat lacquer


Thickness of embossed


Weight per 1000 pieces



According to clients requriements



Melting point of heatseal lacquer:

Melting Point of Heat Seal Lacquer

<= 80°C

Temperature of Heat Seal

210- 220°C(3kg,1sec.),190- 200°C(4kg,1sec.),180- 190°C(5kg,1sec.)

Hot-seal Strength(PS)


Thickness of Heat Seal Glue

2 micro

Aluminium Tensile Strength


Retain Solvent




Available Diameter for Lids 39mm,47mm,51.2mm,56mm,56.5mm,60mm,62mm,65mm,68mm,70mm,72mm,74mm,



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Q:Why aren't there hot water bottles full of water that are automatically opened and sometimes sucked into the bottle stopper, explained in terms of thermodynamics?
The thermos bottle is filled with half a bottle of boiling water, and the air in the bottle is constantly expanding, so the stopper can be stopped continuously for an hour. A few hours later, when the water temperature drops, the air in the bottle continues to contract cold so that it produces a negative pressure, so it has the tendency to breathe in the bottle stopper.
Q:The electric cooker lid to do soup
If you are automatic type cooker, after boiling can not cover the lid, otherwise it will overflow the pot, but also can not add water too full.
Q:Do you need to open the lid if you heat the microwave?
Avoid over heating: food into the microwave thaw or heating, if forgotten to take out, if the time is more than 2 hours, should be thrown away, do not avoid food poisoning.
Q:How do I open the wine bottle without a bottle opener?
Cover the bottom of a wine with a towel.
Q:What's the reason for the loose sealing of the bayonet aluminum cap?
The sealing of the bottle stopper can be used as a direct seal or a combined sealing with the bottle cap. In order to improve product sealing and prolong shelf life. Direct sealing is often used for sealing liquid foods such as bottled soy sauce, vinegar and so on. Combination sealing is often used in sealing bottled high-grade wine, products and poisonous products.
Q:How long will it take after the beer has been opened?
Beer has a shelf life, that is to say you put him out to the outside from the cold box, even if it does not open the beer is sour. The best storage temperature of beer is 0--5 degrees Celsius, and the main thing to drink beer is to drink his refreshing strength, so it is better not to drink it directly after opening. But, if you say something bad, it doesn't happen. Beer is a fermented product. It doesn't have bad troubles, but it tastes good, so don't worry about bad or bad quality.
Q:What's the difference between the red lid and the stopper?
There are many forms of sealing in wine bottles, but the wine bottles are usually sealed with cork. Especially the top grade wine, the stopper made of good cork is used. The French University of Bordeaux 2 Wine Institute of technology, there is a special study of the cork laboratory, in addition to the cork with synthetic material manufacturing simulation research, using liquid chromatography, gas chromatography analysis of cork composition and influence on Wine aroma quality.
Q:When the wine is opened, the stopper is on the bottle opener and cannot be finished at one time. What can be used to cover the wine bottle?
It's best to use a vacuum wine stopper. A red wine stopper is the best wine to drink. It can pump all the air out of the bottle and plug it firmly, so as to think of the red wine which has not been opened.
Q:Pressure cooker lid can not open, how to do?
Safety valve to open the bleeding, it is not possible, in the lid open, safety law closed down, fire on the fire, not too long, otherwise the risk should be able to push the top, timid, do not try this method for reference only
Q:Cup lid can not open, what should I do?
With a rubber hammer gradually beat or get a thermos liner selling places, they have a rubber hammer and open techniques, like those of stainless steel shell for hot water bottles thread etc. they can be ectopic, treatment. Using a rubber hammer handle will not be damaged, it just is a thread. Because it's rubber, it doesn't cut dents. Of course, pay attention to the strength and position of the tap. Method four: drill a small hole on a cup (or a cover) to make it "leak" and achieve the balance of internal and external pressure. However, this can open the plastic cup, but does not apply to the thermos cup, so as to prevent the function and appearance of the thermos cup from damaging.

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