PS/PP film Aluminum foil yogurt packaging cover/ lid

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yogurt packaging, Aluminum foil seal liner
Applicable for yogurt,cheese,ice cream,etc.

 yogurt packaging, Aluminum foil seal liner

Meet the technical requirement of Environmental Labeling Product Certificate.

It ensures sanitation and safety.


Tight-sealing and easily to be torn off.


Used for Full-auto Filling machines,precise spot distance,boost the rate of  finished products.

Applicable for Germany,Italian,French and Chinese full automatic filling and sealing machine.


 Product Description


9 colors available, 5 fast printing machine, HACCP certificated, GMP workshop



PS/PP film, yogurt packaging, Aluminum foil seal liner






Yogurt/Cheese/Ice cream,etc.

OEM service

YES(LOGO printing)


ISO9001, ISO 14001,QS(Quality safe), HACCP

Price and payment terms


Based on the material, size, thickness, printing, color, quantity



30% deposit and plate making cost, 

70% balance paid before loading with picture of finished product 

(or 70% balance against copy B/L)

Lead time

15 days( Depends on the quantity, can be faster or later)


Shanghai, China



Our Advantage

  1. Vivid and bright printing up to 9 colors 

  2. Moisture proof and prevent leakage 

  3. Competitive and reasonable price 

  4. Fast delivery time 

  5. Prompt service


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Q:Why do some hot water bottles come in hot water and the lid can be easily bounced up? Some hot water bottles don't do that. How can they be solved?
This is mainly because the hot bottle contains a certain amount of air. When you cover the lid, it is a little faster, the air is compressed and a certain amount of pressure is put on, so the bottle cap is bounced. You can slow the cover or sideways cover won't appear.
Q:What is the reason for the loose sealing of the bayonet aluminum cap?
Gland sealingThe seal formed by the joint of the crown around the crown of the crown and the rim of the bottle is called gland sealing (as shown in figure 11-lb). The seal between the end cap and the bottle liner made of rubber or cork elastic sealing gasket sealing gland sealing. The sealing is reliable, easy unsealing, is containing carbonated drink liquid - beer, soda and wine bottle of glass container packaging common seal form.
Q:The bottle stopper of red wine has fallen in. Can it still be drunk for two or three days?
When you break it, see if you have a timely seal If it's sealed, it's been two or three days. Pour point try, taste OK just to see you willing to drink tea. If it gets sour, it's OK. Don't worry about it1. red wine can remove odorAlways take a bottle with you when you are traveling. The peculiar smell of water in the kettle is really disgusting. In fact, as long as the prior put a teaspoon of red Wine in the kettle, can effectively avoid the water quality to ensure drinking water taste, your health.2. red wine can be cleaned at homeIt's a shame to throw away the expired red wine. It can be environmentally friendly if you waste it. Red wine, because it contains alcohol, so it has a strong bactericidal and stain removal capacity. Use it to wipe the door handle, drawer handle, and the hiding place of these bacteria, not only can play the role of cleaning and sterilization, but also the more polished the effect, so that you enjoy the clean and bright home environment.
Q:Are the bottle stopper the same as the bottle stopper?
Red wine will use cork to ensure the sealing of the wine bottle, and low-grade wine sometimes do not use cork, directly covered with plastic lid on the line.
Q:The POS machine needs to be loaded with paper. The lid won't close. Can you fix it?!
You see, is the machine above the roller fell, and generally only this situation will not cover the top, or the printer broke, you can go to do the repair of the machine
Q:How do I open the caps for medical alcohol?
Cap medical alcohol is generally a rubber plug, wrapped in a layer of sealing aluminum cap, aluminum cap open with scissors can easily do: first use scissors tip in aluminum cap tie a hole, and then gently cut to scissors. Pay attention to your hand's safety.
Q:What's a good way to open a wine stopper?
While dining wine tasting, some technical rules and traditions are worth our understanding. Alcohol is a deliberate and graceful activity, so you must learn the right techniques.
Q:Why should avoid grinding mouth with wet cork
1. effect of grinding mouth part and the water quality, which is easy to plug, precisionThe 2. is determined by the accuracy of the instrument itself3. equal calibration conditions make calibration more accurate and avoid the effect of the irregular shape of the pipe itself on the results
Q:What's the sewer cover called?
Manhole covers are rounded:The manhole located in the road, walk every day when we design People are hurrying to and fro., pay attention to the safety of pedestrians, lid cannot fall into the manhole. If the design is triangular or square, the lid is larger than the head, but it still falls. And if it is round, because the diameter of the circle is equal, so the lid as long as a little bit larger, it will not fall.
Q:Insulation cup filling hot water attracted to open lid
If there is heated in a microwave oven, it will control a good time Oh, sealing stuff in the microwave heating easy explosion, a microwave oven that heating to break the egg yolk, roast chestnuts to cut export is the reason.

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