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How many kinds of sealing ways are there in aluminum lid?
The seal formed by the joint of the crown around the crown of the crown and the rim of the bottle is called gland sealing (as shown in figure 11-lb). The seal between the end cap and the bottle liner made of rubber or cork elastic sealing gasket sealing gland sealing. The sealing is reliable, easy unsealing, is containing carbonated drink liquid - beer, soda and wine bottle of glass container packaging common seal form.
Why are plastic lids usually made of PP?
Of course, high density polyethylene (abbreviated HDPE) is also possible, but its rigidity and heat resistance are slightly worse, anti-aging properties better than polypropylene
Why should wine be bottle stopper instead of bottle cap?
Wine needs to be sealed, and corks have better sealing properties.
Can the plastic lunch box be heated by microwave oven? Does the lid need to be removed?
See, some plastic does not work, heating will produce poisonous, must open, leak on the line, otherwise it will be violent
How can I get the bottle cap fall into the water bottle?
Throw a new one directly, why bother for such a small feather?. Come on, I'm in a hurry
What's wrong with the bottle cap of red wine?
Red wine corks are usually made of cork or rubber. In the production, transportation, sales process, the wine bottle and the cork will contact the stopper swell, better protection of the wine in the bottle. After opening, because the cork swell, the volume ratio of bottle, of course not covered.
The bottle stopper of red wine has fallen in. Can it still be drunk for two or three days?
Wine (Red) is a generic term for wine, not necessarily red wine. There are many classifications of red wine. In terms of the color of the finished product, red wine, white wine and pink wine can be divided into three categories. The red Wine can be subdivided into Wine dry and semi dry red Wine, semi sweet red Wine and sweet red Wine, white Wine are subdivided into dry, semi dry and semi Wine Wine sweet white Wine and sweet white Wine.
What are the materials commonly used in plastic caps?
PE material: used for hot filling bottle and aseptic cold filling bottle, this material is non-toxic, good toughness and impact resistance, but also easy to film, high and low temperature resistance, environmental stress cracking performance is good, disadvantage is the molding shrinkage and deformation. Many vegetable oils, glass bottles of sesame oil and so forth are the materials on the market.