MZ-X02 Plastic cap with ribbed finished

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Product description



Item:MZ-X02Size:Φ24/410 Material:PP
Packing:Bulk PackingCarton Size: 57*33*39cmPcs/Ctn:2000-2500pcs
MOQ: 30,000pcsDelivery date: 20-25daysPayment Term: T/T by 30% deposit and balance before shipment


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MZ-X02 Plastic cap with ribbed finished

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MZ-X02 Plastic cap with ribbed finished

MZ-X02 Plastic cap with ribbed finished

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Q:What's the difference between red wine lids?
Traditional power - Oak stopperThe most common bottle stopper, of course, is the traditional oak stopper. According to legend, the Greeks sealed the wine jar with a stopper in 500 bc. To understand the oak stopper, let's start with the oak tree. A healthy oak tree can live up to about 170 years old, mostly in Spain and Portugal on the west coast of the mediterranean. A young oak cannot be used to make a wine stopper, so it is not until the age of 42 that the bark is harvested for the first time to make wine plugs and then cut once every 9 years. Beginning in late May is the harvest season, two robust and strong workers from the same tree skillfully cut down large pieces of bark, their movements carefully, so as to avoid harm to the trees and bones, at least 35% bark to cover the trunk. Write down the next harvest year on the tree trunk before you leave. Freshly harvested oak bark can not be used immediately, and after 6 months of wind, water, cooking, disinfection, drying, and so on, the complex process can eventually be made into a qualified bottle stopper. Such harsh growth environments, lengthy cycles, and complex processes are no easier than bottles of wine.
Q:The cup was full of hot water, but the lid was too tight at the time. Now it won't screw. How can I unscrew it?
Heat again. Throw the cup into the hot water for a few minutes, then wrap it with a towel and screw it.
Q:The safety button of the jam raised at the moment of opening the lid and accompanied by a noise. Is that normal?
If the quality of the canned goods is caused by internal fermentation, the lid of the can is raised before opening. Don't eat any more.
Q:Why does the tea sink when the lid is tightly pressed on the teacup?
1 reduce the evaporation heat, keep the water temperature, ---- as time increases, tea is soaked, bubbles out of water into the tea, buoyancy decreases 2, a slight increase, the pressure on the surface of the water, so that bubble decreases, reducing the buoyancy of tea.
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Wine is a living wine, and the wine in the bottle is still breathing and slightly fermenting. This is why some wines, after a certain year of aging, will be more mellow reasons.
Q:How can I plug the stopper when the wine is turned on and the stopper is not returned?
There are special reuse plugs, which are sold at every big red wine dealer. 5 yuan to 200 yuan, there are different grades, as well as factory free gifts ah!
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Q:PP plastic thermos bottle stopper is harmful
Suggest not to use, if you want, must look for the brand, because directly related to health.Please accept it if you have any help. Thank you.
Q:The bottle stopper is sucked to pull it out, how to do?
The hot water in the thermos bottle for a long time, it will reduce the temperature of the water, hot gas in the space also will be cool. In the cooling water and heat, will shrink, while the outside air is not added, the bottle pressure gradually decreased, which resulted in the bottle pressure is greater than the air pressure in the bottle cork situation, was outside pressure, tightly pressed on the bottle, also pulled to pull out.
Q:How many kinds of sealing ways are there in aluminum lid?
The seal formed by the joint of the crown around the crown of the crown and the rim of the bottle is called gland sealing (as shown in figure 11-lb). The seal between the end cap and the bottle liner made of rubber or cork elastic sealing gasket sealing gland sealing. The sealing is reliable, easy unsealing, is containing carbonated drink liquid - beer, soda and wine bottle of glass container packaging common seal form.

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