Aluminum Foil lid for K-Cup Coffee Container

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:K-Cup Aluminum Foil Lids: 10 pcs/sheet 10 sheets/bag or cut to small pcs ,then 100pcs/bag
Delivery Detail:14 days after order confirmed


K-Cup Aluminum Foil Lids:
1) size:3.7cm
2) strong adhesive on the edge,not for heat seal
3)embossed silver materials



Product Description


k-cup coffee aluminium foil lids   

Product name

Colored aluminum foil lids for K-cup sealing


AL+PP film for PP container 

AL+PS lacquer for PS container 

AL+PE film for PE container

AL+PET lacquer for PET container

AL+PP lacquer for all the plastic containers


Good heat sealing effect
Wide heat sealing temperature range
Preserve fragrant
High barrier of air and moisture
Long shelf life

- Customized order available


Yogurt, milk, ice cream, butter, jelly,Juice, Water,

dry food, Jam,  dessert, coffee etc






1.What is the material of the bottle& cups ? Such as:PP/PE/PET,etc.

2.What is the diameter of the aluminum foil lids?

3.What is the thickness of the aluminum foil lids?

4.Whether easy to tear up?

5.Whether your product need to be printed?

6.The quantity you need? 

7.What is our payment ways?

  51.7mm aluminum foil lids for k-cup sealing

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Q:The red wine bottle opener is screwed in, but the stopper is too tight to pull out. How can I pull it out?
Carefully insert the cork into the cork with the bottle opener, but try not to pierce it to prevent the cork from falling into the wine when the cork is dry.
Q:What about the bottle lid in the toilet?
The toilet suck or not solve don't put their clothes hanger split a hook to use the toilet, put things inside out, or poke down, with "toilet suction", to test the effect is very good.
Q:Insulation cup filling hot water attracted to open lid
Open method:1, soak in hot water for a while, then put a rubber ring on the cup cover, reduce the friction force and screw it on.2. Empty the bottom of the empty cup, count the bottom of the cup with your hands, and then punch it with the cup. Then you can unscrew it.3, the thermos cup also has a period of heat preservation, put a few days, the water is not insulation, and naturally easy to open.
Q:The inner container is stainless steel, and the outer layer and lid are plastic lunch boxes. Can microwave ovens be put in?
Avoid using ordinary plastic containers: first, hot food will make plastic containers deformed; two, ordinary plastic will release toxic substances, contaminate food and endanger human health.
Q:What are the types of wine stoppers?
Cork is divided into natural cork (that is, whole is one), polymerization plug (looks like a grain of glue), patch cork (the middle is a grain of two sides with a complete piece of cork). There are several kinds of polymer plug, mainly according to the difference between plastic materials. If you want to say plug, the best or natural cork, and other what, according to the workmanship, materials, processes and determine the quality, not absolute good and bad.
Q:How do you open the bottle stopper of the wines bottle?
If the wine cork broken, or stainless steel chopsticks or the rest of the cork are hardcore down, then find a container with filter (filter can not use gauze or a thin dense filter) can be a wine cork is usually made of oak are very clean filtering 0k
Q:How to open the tin lid cool oil.
With a pair of scissors, pliers to clamp the box slightly a little flat, and then use the thin blade flat down cover reduction, make the air enter the box, can be opened normally.
Q:Where is there a bottle stopper?
Having the following characteristics:(1) strong cleaning force, effective removal of the cork surface adsorption.(2) it can effectively remove static electricity from rubber surface.(3) rinsing is very easy. There is no cleaning agent left on the surface of bottle stopper.(4) no corrosion to the cleaning machine, equipment and piping.(5) safe operation, no poison to the body, is conducive to safe production.(6) shorten the cleaning time and save the cleaning water.
Q:What's the smell of the thermos bottle stopper?
With charcoal ash or burnt plant ash 6. wash with hot water boiled put the lid on the cool 7, taste to milk: first with detergent to clean, and then poured into the cup two key plastic soup of fresh milk, cover the lid, shake the cup every corner with the milk contact. About a minute, the last milk drained, the cup is clean.
Q:What if the lid doesn't open?
Bake the bottle with a fire. It won't take too long. 6 seconds should be fine. It's done with the plastic on the torch. It works, but be careful, especially when you start the coke, or it will spray.

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