stainless steel lotion pump hand press pump MZ-06

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10000 pc
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800000 pc/month

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SS, brushed SS



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30% deposit by T/T first ,70% balance before shipment


10,000 pcs

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Optional,any color can be made


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stainless steel lotion pump hand press pump MZ-06 









stainless steel lotion pump hand press pump MZ-06


About us

 *    More than 20 years of experience in the R&D and production of bathroom and kitchen accessories. We are proud to be one of the very few manufacturers that can provide unique products of bathroom pump, foam pump, trigger sprayer, perfume sprayer, liquid pump, liquid dispenser, perfume atomizer, cap, bottle, water dispenser and cosmetic jar .
*   Innovative and fresh ideas are always welcomed by our design team. We strongly believe that the constant innovation is the key to the success and long-term development for our customers and us.
*   A seasoned production team ensures us to provide our customers with high-quality products. Most of supervisors in our factory have more than 10 years of experience in the workshop management and plastic production.
*   Equipped with the modernized production facilities, quality stability and reliability of products are effectively guaranteed.

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stainless steel lotion pump hand press pump MZ-06

stainless steel lotion pump hand press pump MZ-06


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No, no, no, it's called vaporization.Vaporization is the phenomenon that substances change from liquids to gasesWhat I mean by this is that the lid will not stop the water from evaporatingYou can think like this: when you put the cap on, the space inside (the kettle) explains. The water to vaporize, continue to produce the gas (water vapor) are crowded in the small room, you think: so much gas together, they want to go out, when gas is enough, they use enough strength to open the top cap.
Q:How can I get the bottle stopper?
Place the wine bottle upright on the table and hold the wine bottle in one hand;
Q:What if the plastic lid of the jar containing honey cannot be screwed?
The reason why the screw can be unscrewed is because the plastic bottle cap is heated to expand, and there is a trace of warm water diluted to dissolve the thick mouth of the honey, and the bottle cap should be opened
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Q:Will the bottle stopper automatically push out at a very low temperature?
The outside temperature changes, will lead to external pressure changes, the pressure of cold air is relatively small, but the bottle internal temperature is relatively high, the internal air molecules are relatively active, so if the outside temperature is there such a change, it will cause the internal pressure on the external one, acting on the cork, it will be crowded go out. But this situation may have an impact when the bottle bursts.
Q:In a big glass bottle to bottle sparkling, seals do not leak?
With the current plastic wrap to mouth, and fear of "plasticizers" dissolved. But just a plastic film, not so much, you may as well try.Paraffin is an organic compound that is not suitable for sealing wine. It dissolves in alcohol (the active ingredient in wine), so it takes a long time to leak.
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Heat again. Throw the cup into the hot water for a few minutes, then wrap it with a towel and screw it.
Q:The lid lock is sucked, not open, how to do?
Boil it in hot water for a period of time and then open it when you take it out.
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You should make clear whether you bought red wine or wine, although they were made from grapes. The stopper of the wine was oak and the lid of the wine was plastic

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