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Here is my question:When carbonated beverages containing acids are packaged in Aluminum cans the cans are lined with a plastic coating so that the beverage does not come in contact with the metalExplain why and what might happen if the plastic coating were not present.Thanks for your help I really appreciate whoever answers
The system sucks big time and I agree with you completelyYou will have to do some reading so go to IRS.GOV and download or order the free PUB 17, Sch C instructions and SE instructionsRead them and ponder on what you have readI have three college degrees and 41 years of doing over a thousand tax returns a year; I really, really, really hate taxesBut, on the bright side, at least I am not a proctologistRead, study and learn.
Anyway, I had some cold pizza pockets in a metal bowl that I put in the microwave, and there were sparks flying everywhere, after 10 seconds I stopped the microwaveI'm worried I ruined the microwave, will someone please answer ASAP and let me know if I can still use the microwave, I'm going to BRB, i'll just put the pizza pockets on some aluminum foil and microwave them in the mean time just to be safeBRB
Whoa, hang on there - if you get this in time, you need to be careful from now onNow firstly, you need to test the microwave by just putting a fork insideIf it comes out cold, it's still workingIf it comes out warm, you need to double check using the following thing: Put some coca cola still in it's unopened bottle in and microwave that for at least 3 minutesThat should remove its fizzIf those both work, then what you now need to do is take the pizza out of the pizza pocket, that'll be what's causing the botherIf you have a small metal rack to put inside that'll help the pizza cook evenly.
Everyone seems to care about the difference in temperature/reflectivity of aluminum foil when used for cooking in the oven, but I want to know about the chemicalsI know the shiny side has more than the dull side, is it irrelevant because there is not enough heat in the oven? Also, if I am temporarily using foil instead of a cookie sheet,does anyone have any experience advice?
It's pure aluminumThe shiny/dullness comes from the manufacturing Not chemicals.
we can refer to aluminium foila as tin foil and foil was made up of elemental tin.
Cook the rice,while that is cooking cook the hamburger and drain the fat offAdd some broccoli and if you have onion add that tooScoop the rice out and add the the hamburger mixSeason with what ever spices or whatever you have on hand/likeCook just enough to combineSprinkle with cheese and dinner is serevedOr hamburgers with melted mozzerela (serve with bread slices for buns or just the burger alone.) Serve the rice and broccoli on the sideOr do the first recipe and if you have a can of cream of _what ever soup add that with 1/2 can of milkIt will make a casseroleYou can put it in a casserrole pan and top with the cheesePut in the oven until bubbly and then plce under broiler until cheese is crispyI just realized that I gave the same basic answers as everyone elseSorryBut e-mail me with what else you have I would be glad to think it over for ya and see what else you could have till you have cash again.
please give me a SIMPLE tamale recipe, do you know any good ones?
mix maseca corn mix, with a pinch of salt, and water until mixed wellIn a bowl, take your boiled chicken shred it into small piecesNow you can use corn husks or plantain leaves, I use the plantain leavesPut plantain leaf on a small piece of aluminum foilPut a little bit if the maseca mixture on the middle of the plantain leave then in the middle of that put some chicken, then on top of chicken top with salsa, you can use hot or mild, green or red salsa whichever you preferThen fold up the plantain leaf with the aluminum foilSteam for about 6 hoursEnjoy!
How do I tear the foil off the wall?
If it's on the tile, you can buy a cleaning shovel with a wallpaper and a blade on it
i thought it was just barium and calcium but apparently i was wronghow did you figure it out? i thought that all i would have to do is see which elements are in group 2 and that gives you the number of valence electrons so what did i do wrong?1 aluminum2 barium3 cobalt4 lithium5 bromine6 helium7 krypton8 calcium9hydrogen
All 2A metals (called alkaline earth metals) Ca, Br, Li
I ride the bus and everyday I see hundreds of cars with 1 person in themI use the canvas grocery bags, and the baggers have no idea how to load them, and I see people putting just 1 or 2 things into plastic bagsI recycle everything I can, and on trash day I surpirsed to see the things people throw outAm I making any impact at all? doesn't seem so.