3*11kw sc200 construction elevator hoist lifter

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Product Description of Hoist


SC200 construction hoist 
Rated Load2000kg
Rtated Passengers20
Rated Lifting Speed34.4m/min
Motor Power3*11kw
Motor Breaking Torque120N.M

Overrun Protection Device 

breaking Speed


Overrun Protection Device 

Rated Breaking Load

Max.Lifting Height150-200m
Cage Size(L*W*H)3.0*1.3*2.3m
Mast Section Size(L*W*H)0.65*0.65*1.508/0.80*0.80*1.508m
Mast Weight158/172kg
Rated Erection Load200kg
Power supply

380V/50Hz or according to 

client's requirments

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Q:What is the elevator?
The elevator is mainly composed of the following parts: Guide system: The main function of the steering system is to limit the degree of freedom of movement of the car and the counterweight, so that the car and the counterweight can only move along the guide rail. The guide system consists mainly of rails, guide shoes and rails. Car: The car is the elevator component that carries passengers and cargo, and is the working part of the elevator. The car is composed of a car frame and a car body. The main function of the traction system is to output and transmit power to make the elevator run. The traction system is mainly composed of traction machine, traction wire rope, guide wheel and reverse sheave. Door system: The main function of the door system is to seal the entrance and car entrance. The door system consists of the car door, the floor door, the door opening machine, the second door, the door, the door lock device. Weight balance system: the main function of the system is relatively balanced car weight, in the elevator work can make the car and the weight difference between the weight to keep within the limit to ensure that the elevator traction drive normal. The system consists mainly of counterweight and weight compensation devices. Electrical control system: The main function of the electrical control system is the operation and control of the elevator operation. The electrical control system is mainly composed of the control device, the position display device, the control panel (cabinet), the flat layer device, the selection device and so on. Electric power drag system: electric drive system function is to provide power, the implementation of elevator speed control. Electric drive system consists of traction motor, power supply system, speed feedback device, motor speed control device and so on.
Q:What is the elevator shaft? What does it look like? where is it?
Popular point that the elevator is a box, in a well floating flower Ying Ying dumplings evil spear spear up and down. The box opened the door just against the well to open the door, so come out from the box is out of the well. Fell into the hoistway, the box opened the door, but the door did not face the door in the well, in the box between the door and the gap between the fall.
Q:Fire elevator must be equipped with firefighters dedicated function?
Yes, easy to rescue when the firefighters dedicated
Q:Just signed 500 shares happy elevator, the first time, is expected to earn much money?
I also signed 500 shares
Q:What is the meaning of the upper limit of the ceiling?
Work protection measures.
Q:Tangled title: the woman came home and found to be a man to track, when she walked into the elevator when the man came in.
This sentence: every word is a point of information (comma-based): the first sentence, "home" does not mean "back to the home" (back home is "upstairs", this is "downstairs"); 2 women into the men with, the women get out! So must enter; 3,4,5: because it is downstairs, men positioning "two", like, on the second floor, a layer easily lead witnesses! She is three in order to advance in advance! 6: the man took the knife to the woman stabbed, the elevator door closed, the woman has been dying, "the results of a woman die! Positive solution: a woman by the end of the "three" immediately out of the elevator door to escape the product theory: the problem is the subtle nature of the use of people drop normal thinking, logical thinking! That is, the drama played! So confused you!
Q:What is the elevator called?
Fire switch, moving switch elevator will return to the first floor. Fire lifts need this switch, the fire is prohibited when using the elevator.
Q:The house has been renovated, no reserve wells, but now want to install the elevator, how to do?
Can you elaborate
Q:Analysis of the causes of broken wire rope in elevator
It is recommended to use an elevator wire rope with 8 * 19S + FC, 8 * 19S + IWR, 8 * 19W + FC, 8 * 19W + IWR. The rope used for the elevator is generally divided into steel core and core. In the case of elevated height is not very high, the speed generally 1.75m / s below will use the core of the core. At a speed of 2m / s to 3m, you will use steel core. When the speed is higher, such as 6m / s or 8m / s will use the steel band
Q:What are the embedded parts in the elevator shaft?
If the shaft of the hoistway is a brick structure, it is necessary to set up a ring beam every 1500mm to 2000mm height in the hoistway (the first gear ring in the bottom of the hoistway is made up of 1500mm Set, from the second gear ring began to set by 2000mm, the top of the hoistway last gear ring by the floor 400mm set), ring beam height ≥ 300mm, elevator floor should be equipped with a beam on the edge, beam height 350mm, beam The width of the same width and the hoistway, and shall not protrude into the hoistway (the beam used to install the floor of the floor door) 2, the basement or other floor structure is not the structure of the floor, Along the beam with a beam height of ≥ 350mm, the length of the beam and the same width of the hoistway, and shall not protrude into the hoistway (this spoiled anger to drink sewn bucket bucket for the installation of the elevator floor gate) If the wall of the hoistway is a fully castable structure, it is not necessary to set the beam and the beam. If the wall of the hoistway is part of the cast - in - place structure, the position of the ring beam and the over - beam must be set.

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