SC200/200Double Cage Construction Elevator, 2T Construction hoist

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300 unit/month

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Product Description

Elevator classificationCageModelRated load capacity(kg)Lifting speed(m/min)Moter power(kw)Dimension inside cage(L*W*H)(m)


Normal frequency construction elevatorsingle cageSCD2002000332*11



double cageSCD200/2002*200033(2*2) *11
Frequency construction elevatorSingle cageSCD20020000-633*15
Double cageSCD200/2002*20000-63(2*3)*15

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Q:What is the elevator device code?
What do you mean by that? Elevator equipment model and fault code, what kind of you ask?
Q:Closed staircase and smoke staircase distinction
The difference is that the closed staircase without smoke before the room, while the smoke staircase between the bustling house shares Yijiao turtle tied tyrants have smoke before the room. Anti-smoke staircase ladder and fire elevator combined with the area of the front room, public buildings should not be less than 10.00m2, residential buildings should not be less than 4.50m2, residential buildings should not be less than 4.50m2; Less than 6.00m2. According to the "high-rise civil building design fire safety requirements" requirements, a class of buildings and in addition to the unit and the corridor-style residential building height of more than 32m of the two types of buildings and tower residential, nineteen and nineteen level apartment , More than eleven layers of corridor-style residential, can not be directly natural lighting and natural ventilation of the staircase, should be set to smoke staircase.
Q:What is the elevator?
1, the traction system: the main function of the traction system is the output and transmission power, so that the elevator running.The traction system is mainly composed of traction wire rope, guide wheel, reverse sheave .2, the guiding system of the main function of the system is limited Car and counterweight, so that the car and the counterweight can only be moved up and down along the guide rail.The guide system consists mainly of rails, guide shoes and guide rails. 3, car car is the transport of passengers and cargo The elevator car is composed of a car frame and a car body. The main function of the door system door system is to seal the entrance of the station and the car entrance. The door system consists of the car door, the floor door , Door opener, door lock device .5, weight balance system The main function of the system is relatively balanced car weight, in the elevator work can make the car and the weight between the weight of the balance to keep within the limit, to ensure that the elevator drag The system is mainly composed of counterweight and weight compensation device. 6, electric power drag system: electric drive system function is to provide power, the implementation of elevator speed control. Electric drag system by the traction motor, power supply system, speed Feedback device, motor speed control And other components .7, electrical control system: electrical control system is the main function of the operation of the elevator control and control.The electrical control system mainly by the operating device, the location display device, control panel (cabinet), leveling device, Equipment, etc. 8, the safety protection system, the right to protect the safety of the use of the elevator to prevent all accidents that endanger personal safety caused by the speed limiter, safety gear, buffer, end station protection device.
Q:How does the elevator work?
Both ends are attached to the car and the counterweight, winding in the traction wheel and guide wheel, the traction motor through the reducer after the speed of the traction wheel driven by the traction rope and traction wheel friction caused by traction, Car and heavy lift movements, to achieve the purpose of transport. The guide shoe fixed to the car can be moved down and down along a fixed rail mounted on the building shaft wall to prevent the car from skewing or swinging during operation. Normally closed block brake in the motor work when the loose gate, so that the elevator running, in the event of loss of electricity braking, so that the car stopped lifting, and in the designated station to maintain its static state for personnel and goods access. The car is a box component that carries passengers or other loads, which is used to balance the car load and reduce the motor power. The compensating device is used to compensate for the change in tension and weight in the movement of the hoisting rope, so that the load of the traction motor is stable and the car can be accurately stopped. Electrical system to achieve the control of the elevator movement, while the completion of the selection layer, leveling, speed, lighting work. Indicating that the calling system is always showing the direction of movement of the car and the location of the floor. Safety devices ensure safe operation of the elevator.
Q:Why the building of each service area unilateral arrangement of the elevator should not be more than 4?
Just to prevent more than 4, the elevator came to see it, because the elevator hall into the deep limited, it may not know the elevator door opened. The The
Q:What is the ox in the elevator shaft?
A: 1, the ox is used to install the elevator hall door to the ground, the general design of concrete, is in the hall under the mouth of the mouth of the elevator shaft about 100mm, 150 ~ 300mm high concrete components. Such as the design is not, you can use 75 * 75 angle with the expansion of the screws fixed in the hall under the mouth of the door on the line, which is usually installed when the elevator installation team to help dry wine, but finished remember to give people a little labor Ah, it's not easy. 2, it is not redundant, must have! But it is time to appear sooner or later. Above said two do not long-winded, and there is a kind of installation is to play when the ground to play a few expansion bolts have a good welded steel bar, supporting the concrete after the template can be poured. 3, as to who is the helium scraping care of the innocence care, I do not know! Then you have to see the contract Caixing, the general order has a clear order of the elevator, there is no steel legs. 4, if there is no impact on the installation of the elevator, but the installation process has changed it. 5 where are you from?
Q:There is no exhaust fan in the elevator
There are two fans on the top of the elevator car. However, some businesses in the decoration of the elevator car when the top closed, so the basic fan does not work.
Q:How can the elevator handle?
First, (no matter how several floors) as soon as possible to each floor of the keys are pressed. Second, if there is a handle in the elevator, one hand clasped the handle. Third, the entire back with the head close to the elevator wall, was a straight line. Fourth, the knee was bent posture. concise!
Q:Solve this problem.
A comb can be resolved from the bag out of the comb, the elevator shut the door quickly into the comb, the door opened, the culprits have rushed to the third floor
Q:Why is the gearless traction machine installed in the elevator?
The role of the gripper is called the up-speed overspeed protection device, he has two roles A role in the elevator up to run when the speed protection, there is a gear traction machine because the worm was broken, causing the traction wheel itself to turn up, Although the brake holding, in the state of the brake but does not work, and drag the car up the car over the speed of this time is the need to play the rope device, and no gear traction machine without worms so also There is no cochlear tiger class mortar straight hinge trip Leopard busy bar off the problem do not have to grip the rope.

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