Construction Hoist/Lifter/elevator SC200/200

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300 unit/month

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1. detailed information of construction hist

Pay-load capacity(per cage)(kg)2x2000
Lifting speed(m/min)0-33; 0-45; 0-63 m/min  
Max lifting height(m)150m
Power supply voltage/frequency380-415V/50HZ;440-460V/60HZ or according to local
Cage inner dimension(l*w*h)3 X 1.3 X 2.5m
Mast section(l*w*h)(m)0.65 X 0.65 X 1.508 m

Standard Section Height(m)

1.508 m
Number of motors/cage3
Rated motor power(KW)18.5*3
Weight of mast section(KG)195
Transducer power (KW)75


2 . Features of SC200/200 construction hoist 

  1. It is equipped with fully safety devices to guarantee the safe working,

  2. Stable running and comfortable adaptability.

  3. The transmission system adopted three drive motors and three sets of reduction gears

  4. It has simple electrical control system, convenient to be maintained and low failure rate


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