SCD200/200P Frequency Building Elevators

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3 unit
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500 unit/month

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The frequency conversion building elevator has the following features.

1. Starting and braking are steady with no pounding.

2. The lifting or falling speed can be controlled.

3. Starting current is lower than rated current.

4. Mechanical wear is reduced, greatly reduce the mechanical wears of gear and rack due to no impact while starting, decease of brake wear is particular evident.

5. Power saves efficiently.


 SCD200/200P building elevator parameter 

       parameter name




rating loading capacity



      passenger number



rating rising rate



Max. promoting height



motor power 25%



cage size



650  mast section weight



650  mast section length



Counter weight weight



steeve rating rising weight



800   mast section length



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Q:How to set the elevator shaft
Oh, you are asking the elevator shaft in the budget of the project problem, there are the following items 1, the implementation of steel reinforcement corresponding project 2, concrete concrete implementation of the corresponding project < ; 3, the template in the fixed in a proprietary, is the elevator shaft wall template, in practice, you can also use the shear wall project 4, elevator shaft frame This is the scaffolding in the project 5, you see the construction organization design, There is a corresponding process requirements, there will be no drawings such as bolts and other materials, this do not forget to calculate
Q:Rated load 1050KG elevator on the weight is generally how much
The weight of the weight = car weight + half of the rated load is the weight of the counterweight + weight = car + balance coefficient (here take 50%) * rated load of your elevator factory weight is the number of KG ? 1050KG elevator, then the total weight of the total weight of 1.3T ~ 1.4T 酣 households Feng Feng Ju 莶 angle to bring around the ax. (Including the heavy frame). That is 50KG on the heavy block, then need 24-28 pieces. If you do not worry, after loading the balance under the measured coefficient to ensure that the balance between 0.4 to 0.5 can be installed after the can also be added or minus the weight.
Q:What does the elevator use for the weight?
Balanced car weight is designed to achieve power savings.
Q:How to determine the balance coefficient of elevator GB
0.4-0.5 between. The weight ratio between the weight and the car.
Q:How can the elevator handle?
1, was locked in the elevator, first of all do not worry. 2, with the elevator in the intercom and control center. (Or within the phone) 3, the property will contact the elevator maintenance business to save. 4, professionals will determine your location. 5, if not in the whole position, they will be in the engine room to put you in the whole floor position. 6, with a triangular key to open the door, the release of people. 7, non-professional personnel try not to move, because the elevator if not the whole layer, after the power will automatically layer. If someone came out at this time, it would have been a big accident. Remember to remember! The Non-professional personnel do not rescue. People in the elevator will be no more big deal, if hurt people are very dangerous!
Q:Why is the gearless traction machine installed in the elevator?
General elevator only down safety protection device, that is, the general said the speed limiter and safety gear and wire loss
Q:What is the elevator called?
Back to the first layer of meaning
Q:Wow how the energy ship on the second floor
First kill a small BOSS door to the right to go up after the slope to see a robot is it it back to a key to continue to move forward to kill the first BOSS attack helium tai chu chu chu chi send the throne after this time you have downhill The right to see a big platform (that is, downhill after the right turn on the OK) platform patrol small BOSS will burst after another key to the two keys together to just downhill place a device Open the elevator next to the elevator on the 2nd floor
Q:What are the doors of the elevator?
Each elevator has two doors on each floor
Q:How much is the elevator operation certificate?
Quality Supervision Bureau exam 700 or so

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