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Product Description:

1.Rhombic Traveler

2.Guyed Traveler                            

3.Triangle Traveler

4.Through Supported Traveler

5.Normal Traveler

Products Introduction & Application:

Form traveler is the major equipment used in cantilever construction. The product we developed is consist of main girder system, traveling system, anchor system, bottom basket system, suspension system, platform & protection system, formwork system, hydraulic system(optional) and so on. All the parts are self-contained, interdependent and interrelated, already awarded over 20 authorized patents.

In order to improve universality and utilization, reduce purchasing cost, and enhance security & reliability, we provide the series service of “designing, detecting, renting and constructing form traveler service as well as technical assistance & training.” Today 800 T-structure form travelers can be provided for renting service.


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Q:Seven techniques of hanging basket
10.4. rack instrument. The control box girder concrete axis and elevation is very important, must set up the theodolite and leveling instrument, to observe at any time by professional technicians, such as the discovery of axis deviation, timely adjustment in the front end of the guide beam hoist by setting. If the elevation deviation is found, it is adjusted by the pull rod on the front crossbeam. The adjustment should be carried out before the initial setting of the concrete;
Q:There are several construction methods of bridge hanging
The front fulcrum hanging basket is commonly used in the cantilever construction of the concrete cable-stayed bridge, the main bridge company has its own design of the patent before the fulcrum hanging basket. The construction of the specific process for stitching the hanging basket, hanging cable, the first half of the cable tension, pouring concrete, second tension cable, half of the rest of the concrete pouring, third tension cable, then demoulding version of push hanging basket, the construction of the next section, repeat.
Q:What are the specific steps of hanging basket construction and hanging basket construction
Hanging basket construction, which is a cantilever construction method in large span bridge girder.
Q:Composition management of hanging basket
Back anchor system: to master the direction of rock steering wheel to ensure the direction of the double guide beam. The system is made up of 1 tie rods of rock and roll, and the 1 anchors are used to guide the o3.4. beam system: to master the integrity of the upper and lower beams. The system is composed of four beams, and the upper and the lower parts are correspondingly connected with the upper and the lower parts of the bottom plate of the 1 bottom box of the bottom plate of the bottom plate of the box girder of the 1 box beam, and the weight of the concrete bearing and the bearing of the concrete of the bottom plate and the side mould core of the bottom plate of the box beam of the bottom plate of the two box girders are respectively connected with the upper end and the lower end. Under the pull rod to complete the vertical mold 1 release work o
Q:Can the vertical prestress of the hanging basket be tensioned after the subsequent section construction?
Prestressed concrete structure, before the load in advance, put pressure on it, in the external load when the concrete tensile stress compressive stress produced in order to offset or reduce the load due to the tensile stress, the structure used in the normal circumstances does not crack or crack late.
Q:What's the best form of money or payment to use in Sweden? Traveler's cheques, atm or credit card or Swedish
I always use my ATM debit card at ATMs to withdraw cash and then I use cash for most purchases. You get a better exchange rate that way, plus your bank will charge you a conversion fee every single time you use your debit card from home instead of one fee for withdrawing 1000 SEK, for example. Sweden is really safe and theft isn't terribly common. If you're worried, you can wear a money belt under your clothes and keep your card and large sums of cash in there. I'm assuming you're a foreigner traveling to Sweden, but maybe I'm wrong.
Q:Construction process of hanging basket
The tension must be carried out after 90% of the design strength, and in accordance with the order of the transverse beam of the top plate of the web. At the end of the tension, the grouting is carried out immediately, and after the grouting is finished, the hanging basket can be moved forward, and the construction of the next section of the box girder can be carried out.
Q:On both sides of the main beam on the river side of the cantilever cantilever cast symmetrically, the design is not clear 100
The comprehensive understanding of asphalt pavement construction, road design, highway bridge design and construction, and the design and layout of highway related facilities deepen our understanding of the curriculum knowledge and make the practice of combining
Q:On the problem of hanging basket preloading procedure
On the problem of the hanging basket preloading procedure? Construction of the two main piers, the progress is divided into
Q:In the construction of the bridge hanging basket, the temporary prestress
Almost the same procedure. Install jack, Jack extended a distance, not fully stretched

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