High Quality Stayed-cable Cantilever Traveller

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Stayed-cable cantilever traveller is applicable to large-scale stay-cable
cantilever casting bridge with wide bridge deck, heavy and long segment. Most of
the componants concentrates on bottom frame and walking system. It has no main
frame, at the same time, the lift is done by the stay-cable of the bridge. Comparing
with other types, the sigle weight of stayed-cable cantilever traveller is heavier.

●Low gravity of front trancerse beam

●Applicable to large-scale stay-cable cantilever casting bridge with wide bridge deck

●Safe & easy operation, easy fixing, and safty during walking

●Big operational space under the main frame, and easy installation and removal

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Q:Construction of extra large bridge
The installation span closure section hanging formwork installation, closure segment skeleton, formwork, steel banding, installation of prestressed pipe and the core concrete - span closure section, concrete curing - tension closure segment longitudinal, transverse and vertical prestressed grouting, demolition - span closure segment construction support.
Q:Car hanging basket, green, yellow different license, according to what standard hang
Test license: yellow black, after the word "trial" words; foreign vehicles temporary entry license: white red black and white words "temporary entry";So that a small number of foreign car license on the consulate of the country is the name of the establishment of diplomatic relations, and the number of regulatory authorities in the region has nothing to doAs well as the emergence of the first period of Beijing personality license. White blue at the end of the six character numbers or letters, black fontThere are also a wide variety of game licenses
Q:The construction of the hanging basket is how to form the whole beam segment
The segments are tensioned, but many of the prestressing tendons are common, or through several segments
Q:How can I form my group of way ward wanders and perpetual travelers?
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Q:What are the specific steps of hanging basket construction and hanging basket construction
First, to navigation, two is the cost of setting up a high bracket. So people think of the bridge in the river is not set up under the premise of the construction of the bridge beam, so hanging basket construction method appeared. Is the use of the construction of the anchor anchor in the shape of the former section of beam and slab concrete above to the beam plate of the next section of beam slab concrete cast-in-place construction. Because the stent is hung in a molding on the concrete, the two bracket also bear after a period of concrete construction of the template function, like a basket, so we hang this called "hanging basket in the concrete pouring molding template has been"
Q:Is there any paperwork and forms a traveler from USA to Dubai should look into?
You do not need any paperwork if you travel to Dubai. USA citizens do not need visa for Dubai. You can just go trough the immigration and they will give you a visitor visa for 30 days.
Q:What is the meaning of hanging basket in construction
Refers to the multi-storey or high-rise buildings outside the wall decoration workers operating the role of the basket, there are two kinds of automatic lifting and manual lifting, hanging basket hanging mechanism stability should be calculated
Q:What is the length of the bridge hanging basket construction?
The general minimum length of 1.5 meters (belonging to the super span bridge), 2 m ~6 m (under the bridge)
Q:When hanging blue construction, middle span closure, why must the counterweight
According to the previous design experience, the weight of the hanging basket is generally designed to load the 1/4 ~ 1/2, so the existence of the hanging basket will affect the internal force, linear.
Q:Composition management of hanging basket
Back anchor system: to master the direction of rock steering wheel to ensure the direction of the double guide beam. The system is made up of 1 tie rods of rock and roll, and the 1 anchors are used to guide the o3.4. beam system: to master the integrity of the upper and lower beams. The system is composed of four beams, and the upper and the lower parts are correspondingly connected with the upper and the lower parts of the bottom plate of the 1 bottom box of the bottom plate of the bottom plate of the box girder of the 1 box beam, and the weight of the concrete bearing and the bearing of the concrete of the bottom plate and the side mould core of the bottom plate of the box beam of the bottom plate of the two box girders are respectively connected with the upper end and the lower end. Under the pull rod to complete the vertical mold 1 release work o

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