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Trianngular form traveler has the advantages of low gravity of front
trancerse beam, safe & easy operation, easy fixing, and safty during
walking, etc..
During the designing of the form traveller, we always provide
different modes of traction, such as hydraulic pushing mode or
pulling mode, and chain hoist mode, etc. to the constructors for their
The design of the form traveller could be divided into two types:
external sliding girder and self-moving exteral formwork according to
de construction conditions. When the site condition does not allow
to remove the form traveller at the closure part which have to go
backwards to segment, the second type is suggested.

● Low gravity of front trancerse beam

● Applicable to large-scale stay-cable cantilever casting bridge with wide bridge deck

● Safe & easy operation, easy fixing, and safty during walking

● Big operational space under the main frame, and easy installation and removal

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Q:There are several construction methods of bridge hanging
You mean the hanging basket? The hanging basket is divided into a front fulcrum hanging basket and a rear pivot hanging basket.
Q:Construction scheme of hanging basket of cable stayed bridge
Engineering surveyThe main bridge of the Yellow River bridge is a six cable-stayed bridge with a main span of seven towers and double cable planes. The span of the bridge is 85.12+6 * 140+85.12m. The main beam is made up of a single box and three section variable section PC continuous beam, the height of the beam at the fulcrum is 5m, the height of the middle span beam is 2.5m, and the height of the beam is in the range of 1.6 133m in the middle of the span. Dingkuan 37.4m box girder, bottom width by the supports of the 16.5m gradient across the 28.408m.
Q:Characteristics of the hanging basket
The so-called hanging basket construction refers to the casting of Large Span Cantilever Beam Bridge, the use of hanging basket method, the local segmental cantilever operation. It does not need to install the bracket and do not use large crane. The hanging basket construction compared with other methods, has the advantages of light structure, simple and convenient, no heavy pressure, etc..
Q:The construction of the hanging basket of the bridge needs to be pre - pressed in each suspension section
Pull anchor in has Zhang and pier beam into the overall mobile hanging basket. Lashing steel, vertical formwork, pouring concrete, the application of prestress are carried out on it
Q:How to choose the kind of hanging basket
Don't call me elder I'm younger than you usually in the form of a single hanging basket according to the size of the shipment or to determine the weight and the triangular lightweight hanging basket capable of carrying a single diamond is smaller than the shipment but cost of steel to save a lot of cost less, so now most of the diamond hanging basket is too stupid heavy steel cost too much in general not a big express with 3 corner hanging basket with that I met with the construction or design a bit out especially with steel welded steel when a boss told me if workers can try to cradle the main force of 3 angle frame welding after high strength bolt connection this insurance after all the big thing is
Q:The construction of the hanging basket is not every section of the pre pressure
The third step: hanging basket forward, according to the above third steps in the symmetrical construction of box girder section.The fourth step: the installation of side span closure segment hanging mold installation ---- closure section skeleton, formwork, steel banding, installation of prestressed pipe and the core concrete pouring, side span closure segment and maintenance - tension closure segment longitudinal, transverse and vertical prestressed grouting, removing the side line and cross - closure section construction support - side span box girder falling.
Q:Tensioning sequence of hanging basket
First look at the design instructions. General vertical first, followed by vertical, the last horizontal
Q:What is the meaning of "hanging basket" in building construction
It is a platform surrounded by railings, suspended on the roof of the wall with a rope
Q:What is the meaning of the bridge basket and bridge system
The main reason is because the bridge closure, temporary support, removal or addition of constraints, the system stress of bridge structure by the beam into continuous beam, or by the static structure into a statically indeterminate structure, or by N statically indeterminate structure into N+ (-) M statically indeterminate structure.
Q:Cantilever pouring construction should pay attention to what
Prestressed concrete continuous beam bridge, continuous rigid frame bridge span and span rivers, valleys, so the main use of cantilever pouring construction. Cantilever pouring method refers to the construction of the bridge on both sides of the working platform, a balanced section to the middle of the cantilever pouring cement concrete beam, and the construction of the application of prestressing. The main equipment is a pair of walking hanging basket, pull anchor in Zhang and pier has connected mobile beam on the whole hanging basket, and binding steel formwork, pouring concrete, prestress are carried out on the. After the completion of the construction of this section, the hanging basket symmetrical move forward a section, the next pair of beam section construction, in advance, until the cantilever beam section pouring completed.

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