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Trianngular form traveler has the advantages of low gravity of front
trancerse beam, safe & easy operation, easy fixing, and safty during
walking, etc..
During the designing of the form traveller, we always provide
different modes of traction, such as hydraulic pushing mode or
pulling mode, and chain hoist mode, etc. to the constructors for their
The design of the form traveller could be divided into two types:
external sliding girder and self-moving exteral formwork according to
de construction conditions. When the site condition does not allow
to remove the form traveller at the closure part which have to go
backwards to segment, the second type is suggested.

● Low gravity of front trancerse beam

● Applicable to large-scale stay-cable cantilever casting bridge with wide bridge deck

● Safe & easy operation, easy fixing, and safty during walking

● Big operational space under the main frame, and easy installation and removal

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Q:What is the naut form of an inter-dimensional traveler?
Internaut? ;) I don't think one exists yet. You could try making it up. If Cosmos is the universe and inter-dimensional travel is travelling between different parallel universes, maybe it should be Cosmonaut (though the Russians already took that one...)
Q:What is the use of hanging basket
The continuous beam segment by stage construction, each section of concrete pouring the template with anti truss hanging in the previous section beam, gradually forward, finally realize the goal of the transaction closed, anti force truss and template system called the hanging basket.
Q:Hanging basket assembly quality control point
Bearing systemEach basket has two pieces of triangle triangle composite beam, composite beam by beam and column, composed of cable belt and contact angle. Triangle composite beam under the support and slide.The upper cross beam is connected with the upper part of the main beam at the two ends, and the outer side is connected with a lower and a lower cross beam by a fourth grade finishing coarse thread steel bar.Front upper cross beam: both ends are fastened to the upper flange of the front end of the main beam, and the outer side is connected with the lower and the lower cross beam by the fourth grade finishing steel.Compactor: grade steel, bearing beam, pole, jack.
Q:How does the prestressed tensioning in the construction of the bridge hanging basket?
Simple introduction of hanging basket construction:1 steel cable-stayed bridge construction, most of the factory welding, transported to the site, with the crane as a whole lifting, or block lifting, in place after the formation of high-strength bolts.2 construction of concrete cable-stayed bridge with cast-in-place and precast assembly and other combinations of construction technology.
Q:Under what circumstances the use of hanging basket construction
If you are in need of some relatively flat, bridge bridge, scaffording height is not high, can try to use the full scaffold construction, all with full scaffold construction, so that the safety, economy and engineering quality is easy to control.
Q:What is the length of the bridge hanging basket construction?
The general minimum length of 1.5 meters (belonging to the super span bridge), 2 m ~6 m (under the bridge)
Q:Construction scheme of hanging basket
The construction scheme of rhombic truss type hanging basket: a brief introduction of the main structure of the main bridge of the North Branch bridge of Nanjing Second Yangtze River Bridge is 90+3*l65+90 (m) of the five span prestressed concrete continuous box girder. The main span of 165m is the first in the same type of bridge in china. According to the design requirements, the construction method needs to use cantilever pouring construction technology and then through the closure and system conversion into continuous beam
Q:Is it necessary to measure the strain value after prestressing?
Simple introduction of hanging basket construction:1 steel cable-stayed bridge construction, most of the factory welding, transported to the site, with the crane as a whole lifting, or block lifting, in place after the formation of high-strength bolts.
Q:Construction of hanging basket hanging blue construction
Wear safety helmet. Hanging basket construction is the key to the success or failure of cantilever casting, so the safety of the construction of hanging basket is critical, the construction must pay attention to the following matters:1, after the completion of the hanging basket, the class (Group) must be carried out after the suspension of the anchor system, fulcrum, sling, etc. to carry out a comprehensive and detailed inspection, to ensure that its force in line with the design requirements;2, cable belt, steel tape, steel straps are the main force, the material is special, absolutely can not carry out welding work on it, be careful not to burn the construction, cable belt and suspenders;3, the use of connectors and anchor bars, must be in the finishing of the rebar end of the paint marks, installation to ensure that the installation of steel in place, generally into the connector is not less than 8cm;
Q:When hanging blue construction, middle span closure, why must the counterweight
The carrying capacity of the hanging basket depends on the maximum weight of the cast-in-place section

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