Convenient Efficient Bridge Formwork With Timber Beam

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bridge deck formwork

mivan aluminium formwork

permanent formwork systems

Convenient Efficient Bridge Formwork With Timber Beam, Plywood


1. Brief introduction

GB system-A is a kind of formwork especially for the bridge deck construction.

Convenient Efficient Bridge Formwork With Timber Beam, Plywood

2. Competitive advantage

①. Prefabricated connection, convenient and efficient.
②. Light weight but high bearing capacity.
③. Timber is easy resized, so the Tim-formwork is relatively easier to change self’s size and shape. This approved formwork’s economical efficiency.

3. Applications

Convenient Efficient Bridge Formwork With Timber Beam, Plywood

Convenient Efficient Bridge Formwork With Timber Beam, Plywood

Convenient Efficient Bridge Formwork With Timber Beam, Plywood

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Q:Construction of hanging basket. Pouring concrete and new concrete, how to achieve good adhesion
After the completion of the completion of each block of concrete to meet the requirements of the standard strength, timely butt joint surface of the hair, the quality of the hair in strict accordance with the requirements of the specification control. In the next section of concrete pouring, the surface of the right amount of water to wet, to prevent the concrete joint out of dry shrinkage cracks.
Q:On both sides of the main beam on the river side of the cantilever cantilever cast symmetrically, the design is not clear 100
In collapsible loess two treatments: two impact rolling compaction than the two function of the sections all dynamic compaction process: first, clear the table; in accordance with the design requirements of playing grid soil deployment design; determine the mechanical compaction function (120 tons of rice and 60 tons of rice)In addition, due to the treatment of the collapsible loess structure, the structural treatment of the first pit excavation with tons of machinery to ensure the safety of the structureIn dealing with the Embankment Compaction Mechanism of soil particle skeleton body: three-phase inter particle pore water gas in the occupied compaction soil particles that re combination of squeezing pore shrinkage soil unit weight increase overall strength increase resulted in dense shape stability improved
Q:Production and installation of hanging basket
8.4. plugged. The corrugated pipe is connected with the embedded steel plate, pipe and horn anchor plate hole is not less than 5 cm, corrugated pipe and anchor plate around with sponge tightly, prevent the cement mortar into the anchor plate in o
Q:Seven techniques of hanging basket
10.4. rack instrument. The control box girder concrete axis and elevation is very important, must set up the theodolite and leveling instrument, to observe at any time by professional technicians, such as the discovery of axis deviation, timely adjustment in the front end of the guide beam hoist by setting. If the elevation deviation is found, it is adjusted by the pull rod on the front crossbeam. The adjustment should be carried out before the initial setting of the concrete;
Q:A set of hanging basket refers to the symmetry of the left and right two hanging basket or a single hanging basket?
Through longitudinal prestress and longitudinal reinforcement connection
Q:Technical requirements for hanging baskets
Three the assembling and dismantling of the hanging basket shall meet the following requirements:1 hanging basket rod and the use of machinery and equipment (such as Jack, chute, hand hoist, steel wire rope, etc.), should be checked, the use of unqualified.2 hanging basket assembly should be symmetrical, timely and stable components, together as one, to prevent dumping wounding.3 hanging basket operation platform should be linked to the safety net, surrounded by a fence, there should be a special staircase.4 for the increase in the basket on the facilities (such as anti canopy, cold shed, shaft frame etc.), must be on the overall stability of the hanging basket is checked, and shall not damage the hanging basket structure and change the stress form.5 hanging basket assembly process, it is strictly prohibited to cut holes on the bolt hole, when the hole is necessary, must obtain the consent of the hanging basket design unit. It is strictly prohibited to carry out electric welding and fire on the steel bar of the finish rolling. All of the finished steel bars must be locked with double nuts.
Q:How is the prestressed reinforcement in the hanging basket method
I have answered a similar question, which is now available for reference
Q:where do you get the CBP Traveler Entry Forms?
They will have the forms at the border crossing.
Q:The effect of hanging basket
Hanging basket construction technology, although it is the first time, but was successful
Q:What is the meaning of hanging basket in construction
Refers to the multi-storey or high-rise buildings outside the wall decoration workers operating the role of the basket, there are two kinds of automatic lifting and manual lifting, hanging basket hanging mechanism stability should be calculated

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