Simple Structure Rhombic Form Traveller

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The rhombic form traveller has the advantages of simple structure, clear
stress, big operational space under the main frame, and easy installation
and removal, etc..
The form traveller adopts wheels with bearing while rolling forward which
reduce the frictional resistance greatly during movement; At the same
time, the stainless steel paltes are welded on the rails which reduced
the frictional resistance bewwen the sliding bearing and the rails during
movement. The combination of these reduce the movement cycle of the
form traveler by simple and convinient operation.
In terms of safety, the form traveler is equiped with walking protection
system which guarantee the absolute safety during working. It’s safe, easy
and practical.

● Low gravity of front trancerse beam

● Applicable to large-scale stay-cable cantilever casting bridge with wide bridge deck

● Safe & easy operation, easy fixing, and safty during walking

● Big operational space under the main frame, and easy installation and removal

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Q:Is hanging basket equipment special equipment? Need to record it?
Special equipment regulations on safety supervision of special equipment is the safety of life, the risk of large boilers, air compressor and the air storage tank, tunnel construction hoisting machinery (construction elevator, tyre crane, crawler crane, gantry crane, tower crane, bridge machine), hanging basket construction equipment etc..
Q:Hanging basket construction which test items
Wire rope, safety rope, safety lock, some local arms also need to do.
Q:Characteristics of the hanging basket
Main features of hanging basket construction1 can bear the weight of the beam section and construction load:2 stiffness, small deformation;3 lightweight structure, easy to move forward;4 the scope of adaptation is large, and the bottom mould frame is easy to lift, which is suitable for different beam height.
Q:Composition management of hanging basket
Back anchor system: to master the direction of rock steering wheel to ensure the direction of the double guide beam. The system is made up of 1 tie rods of rock and roll, and the 1 anchors are used to guide the o3.4. beam system: to master the integrity of the upper and lower beams. The system is composed of four beams, and the upper and the lower parts are correspondingly connected with the upper and the lower parts of the bottom plate of the 1 bottom box of the bottom plate of the bottom plate of the box girder of the 1 box beam, and the weight of the concrete bearing and the bearing of the concrete of the bottom plate and the side mould core of the bottom plate of the box beam of the bottom plate of the two box girders are respectively connected with the upper end and the lower end. Under the pull rod to complete the vertical mold 1 release work o
Q:Production and installation of hanging basket
In the construction, the construction quality of the corrugated pipe is good or bad, how to ensure the construction quality of the bellows? The main management measures are as follows:8.1. inventory. Bellows transported to the construction site, to enter the warehouse room stacked with the lower part of the board pad high, not rain, prevent rust o8.2. examination. Before the installation of corrugated pipe, to check the appearance to prevent deformation, there are trachoma bellows installed inside the o8.3. seal. The joint of the two bellows joints, to ensure that the length of the joint is not less than 30 cm, the distance between the two ends of the same, sealed with sealing tape joints to prevent leakage of slurry o
Q:Hanging basket construction can bind steel
In addition to the design requirements, steel frame beam and column structure of the stirrup, and vertical main reinforcement wrapped; main reinforcement stirrup and cross point should be based on the wire banding; cross beam column corner should be binding; the middle part of the cross point, alternating butting (quincunx)
Q:Is it necessary to measure the strain value after prestressing?
Simple introduction of hanging basket construction:1 steel cable-stayed bridge construction, most of the factory welding, transported to the site, with the crane as a whole lifting, or block lifting, in place after the formation of high-strength bolts.
Q:Hanging basket construction 0# block which is, can provide a schematic?
You said the first row should be aware of the 0# pier, 1# pier, pier number, generally starting from the first pier or abutment number. And said that the 0# block is the first section of a pier pouring. It is generally expressed as 1# pier 0# block, n# block n# block.You're not the structure of each row are single pier I understand refers to the single bridge, down line some bridge is separated, so that the bridge is actually two pieces of the bridge, such a position to the two hanging basket, so also on pier two downstream. If you encounter an elevated ramp, it may not be 2, there will be more.
Q:The construction of the hanging basket is how to form the whole beam segment
Each section of the pouring, the prestressed pipe to stay in that, when the tension, only pull the section of prestressed reinforcement. Those who like long, without tension will not wear.
Q:What is the meaning of hanging basket in construction
Refers to the outdoor decoration of the basket.

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