Safe and Easy Operation Unconventional Rhombic Form Traveller in China

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The front tranverse beam gravity height of unconventional rhombic
form traveller is betwwen the height of rhombic form traveler and
triangular form traveler. Comparing with rhombic form traveler and
triangular form traveler, it has the advantages of low gravity height,
more operational space than triangular form traveler, easy operation,
safety during walking and firm anchorage, etc..

● Low gravity of front trancerse beam

● Applicable to large-scale stay-cable cantilever casting bridge with wide bridge deck

● Safe & easy operation, easy fixing, and safty during walking

● Big operational space under the main frame, and easy installation and removal

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Q:The difference between cast in place and hanging basket construction
The difference is that the stent can be poured into the entire collapse of the pouring basket must be divided into sections
Q:What are the innovative points of hanging basket construction
4 continuously change the height of the hanging basket in the process of concrete pouring;5 the quality of the installation of the prestressed channel, unobstructed inspection and plugging treatment;6 the vibration of concrete should meet the requirements of construction technology, it is appropriate to use high-frequency attachment vibrator with vibration;7 the temperature and air content of concrete in mold meet the design requirements;8 test specimens of concrete strength and elastic modulus.
Q:How does the prestressed tensioning in the construction of the bridge hanging basket?
Simple introduction of hanging basket construction:1 steel cable-stayed bridge construction, most of the factory welding, transported to the site, with the crane as a whole lifting, or block lifting, in place after the formation of high-strength bolts.2 construction of concrete cable-stayed bridge with cast-in-place and precast assembly and other combinations of construction technology.
Q:Construction of hanging basket hanging blue construction
Wear safety helmet. Hanging basket construction is the key to the success or failure of cantilever casting, so the safety of the construction of hanging basket is critical, the construction must pay attention to the following matters:1, after the completion of the hanging basket, the class (Group) must be carried out after the suspension of the anchor system, fulcrum, sling, etc. to carry out a comprehensive and detailed inspection, to ensure that its force in line with the design requirements;2, cable belt, steel tape, steel straps are the main force, the material is special, absolutely can not carry out welding work on it, be careful not to burn the construction, cable belt and suspenders;3, the use of connectors and anchor bars, must be in the finishing of the rebar end of the paint marks, installation to ensure that the installation of steel in place, generally into the connector is not less than 8cm;
Q:Hanging basket construction can bind steel
Hello, this is not a good operation of the construction, he is in the operation, not safe, but not good to do, it is best to normal peacetime best
Q:80m hanging basket construction section of how to pull the longitudinal tensile reinforcement
The first section of the closure of the pipeline to be buried, after the beam through the inside of the chamber to pull.
Q:What should be paid attention to in the construction of cast in place box girder of long span bridge hanging basket
Attention should be paid to the construction of cast in place box girder of long span bridge hanging basket:1, pay attention to the pouring quality of concrete under anchor.2, the implementation of the whole process of construction survey and monitoring, should be entrusted with a professional qualification of the monitoring team for dynamic monitoring to ensure that the cast-in-place box girder elevation, axis and closure of the error to meet the requirements of the specification.3, beam bottom and Liang Ceyi temperature shrinkage cracks.
Q:After the completion of prestressed tension grouting on the basket can move forward
[prestressed grouting is not completed after the hanging basket forward is not allowed] duct grouting has two main purposes: one is to protect the steel wire no rust, prolong the service life of structure, so the grouting be plump and compact; two is as a medium in relaxation steel strand, to transfer beam a part of stress.
Q:In the construction of the bridge hanging basket, the temporary prestress
And then a little bit of clamping pieces will be clamped, according to this repeatedly know that the complete elimination of prestress
Q:Construction of extra large bridge
Install side span closure section, installation of hanging mold closure segment skeleton, formwork, steel banding, installation of prestressed pipe and the core concrete pouring, side span closure segment and maintenance - tension closure segment longitudinal, transverse and vertical prestressed grouting, removing the side line and cross - - side span closure segment construction support the landing gear box girder.

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