TOPLESS TOWER CRANE SLP6020 good timing performance

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Groundwork is poured on the ground without under frame, and tower crane is fixed directly on the groundwork. This method makes tower crane spare groundwork section and crossing girder, and separate working height of tower crane is 46.2m under such condition.
If construction object is high, tower crane can adopt attaching mode, and hoisting height can reach 161-200m. If it is required to be higher under special conditions, please contact our company.
No matter which kind of mode is adopted, hoisting arm has lengths of 55m, 60m and 65m, which can be chosen according to different objects.


It adopts hydraulic hoisting system to increase or reduce standard sections, which makes height of tower crane rise or fall according to height of construction to adapt construction of different buildings.

Working speed is high, timing performance is good, and working efficiency is high.

TOPLESS TOWER CRANE SLP6020 good timing performance 



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Q:The weight of the crane is 11.05 N. Are my calculations right for the centroids? Find the minimum counterweight of the crane. Find the maximum counter weight, Find the maximum load of the crane. Pleae include FBD.Please help I am stumped on this question!
Q:I alsways see projects where there are these massive cranes sitting on top of huge they hell do they get them up there?
With more massive cranes. Sometimes, they will put them up in pieces - and assemble them on top of the building.
Q:i just kept distracting his attention but i cant do anything else, what do i do with the crane??? how can i lose the ball???
i have it for console but what you do with that is this. When he does a big slam after chasing you make sure he does it in the cement area, then go to the crane and it cutscenes to you hurting him. Then you will follow him some more to a car shop. He throws cars at you, when he does a big slam sparks from his back disappear (they were caused by the crane) jump on his back and keep smashing him till he falls on his back, then just repeat that and watch a cutscene of his defeat.
Q:What should the sub contractor do before the installation of the bridge crane in the workshop?
Baidu search [tower crane tower demolition, lowering section safety technical disclosure]. If it is installed, remove the "two words" to "installation", and other contents are adjusted slightly.
Q:Denny Crane (played by William Shattner), and Alan Shore (played by James Spader) are partners in a Boston law firm. I would like to know if those those two are father and son in the series,
SPOILER ALERT So far we have seen Donny Crane in Season 1's in Catch and Release we found that he isnt his son and than again in Season 1's Tourted Souls and Season 2's Squid Pro Quo
Q:I'd take Denny Crane he's ruthless
Denny Crane
Q:I have got a ton of Mosquito Hawks in my house. Should I just let them be or will the problem get worse? Plus I read they dont bite humans but will the bite rabbits? I have 2 house rabbits that I am concerned about.
Mosquito Hawk
Q:What is the scrap standard of tower crane hook?
The hook shall be scrapped at any time in the following circumstances:Crackle;The wear of the dangerous section is 10% of the original size;The opening ratio is increased by 10% than the original size;The twist of the hook is over 10 degrees;The dangerous section of the hook or the neck of the hook produces plastic deformation;The hook thread is corroded;When the hook bushing is worn at 50% of the original size, the bushing shall be replaced;The mandrel shall be replaced when the hook mandrel is worn at 5% of the original size.?The American Standard can provide for your reference:1, hook hanging points in the effective area of cross sectional wear more than 10%, should be disabled and scrapped.2 any visible permanent deformation and cracks shall be disabled and scrapped.3, if the wear is in the same area in two directions, it should be controlled within 5%.4, any hook opening deformation is not greater than 5%, or in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines to determine.5, hook bow hook (i.e. intermediate position hook C shape) wear amount should be less than 5%.
Q:What is the theme of the poem A man to the universe by Stephen Crane?
In the poem “A Man said to the Universe” by Stephen Crane three distinct images appear as the reader relates man and universe as they fit into their cosmic role. The simplicity of the five line poem envelopes man’s perception of his place among the universe, the universe’s perception of its role in the order of life, and the relationship of both man and universe in regards to the enormity of the cosmos. Collectively, these three components create a profound thought on creation. By Folrani Adewale
Q:I know how to make cranes and I'm pretty fast at doing so but in pictures I see of crane leis the cranes look like they're folded differently so that they can be stacked on top of each other.. Can anyone teach me how to fold like that so that I can make a paper crane lei?
But I do different from step 11 on Step 11: Normally they fold along the red line. I dont. On step 10 you see the cross line in the center +. I then fold the right pointy toward the center. Do the same for all. Step 12: I the filp the right top layer to the left, same with the back side. Step 13: fold the bottom point to the top(one layer only) filp to back side, do the same. Step 14: flip right layer to the left again, same with the back side. Step 15: Pull and done.

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