YONGMAO STL720 tower crane

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Tower Crane Model Type:Luffing

Max. Lifting Capacity:50/32T

Tip load:9.0T

Arm Length:60M

Independent Height:48.4M

Founded in the year of 1996, Yongmao is one of the key suppliers specialized in manufacturing construction machinery and engineering equipment.

We currently offer a variety of tower cranes which are broadly classified under the Topless STT series, the ST series, the Luffing STL series and the Derrick QD series, as well as crawler cranes and modified vehicles.

Yongmao tower cranes have not only been working for various domestic projects like hydroelectric power plants, nuclear power plants, shipyard, wharf, bridge, aerospace etc. but also acting in numerous construction projects all over the world.

Yongmao appreciates the reliance and confidence given by its valuable users all over the world and feels very proud of its ability and capability to contribute value added services to its users both at home and abroad.

Q:I caught this crane fly in my garage but is almost the size of a dragonfly. It has a 3 inch wingspan. I saved it in a jar because I though no one would believe me. so do they really get this big or is this thing a freak?
the answer is yes.
Q:Today, a crane collapsed on the Grand Mosque in Mecca, killing 87 people. Is God punishing Muslims for 9/11?
A god that did that would not be worthy of worship. You need to re-think your beliefs.
Q:I was interested in the Japanese legend of folding a thousand cranes. It was said that if a person was able to fold 1 000 cranes, you get to make a wish.I'm just wondering; let's say I'm done with all 1 000. What do I do next? One of my friends told me you had to burn all one thousand cranes, while another suggested to put the last one in a bottle and set it out in sea.Did it ever state what to do in the end, after folding all the cranes? If it does, please enlighten me :3Thank you :)
I've only heard of putting them up on strings and you could give them as gifts .. Oh and you could also frame them by laying them flat
Q:i need to know:how long is the stock (extended and non-extended)how wide is the stockand how thick is the stockthanks.
ever think of googling standart crane stock ?
Q:What is the minimum radius of a tower crane?
Luffing jib crane luffing mechanism to control the lifting radius, which is lifting and landing boom.At the minimum radius, the boom is angled to the vertical. The higher the rise, the larger the angle, the smaller the radius.I wonder if it's this angle? Hope to be of help to you,
Q:How many types of crane?
Types Of Crane
Q:dimentions of crane rail, crane beam.
What kind of crane? There are thousands of types.
Q:Cranes are normally used in construction in most countries.But I saw some photos that show Iranians are hanging criminals in pubic with cranes instead of gallows.Is it more painful to the dying criminals to the last moment?Do you know why?
they probably didn't have the proper arrangements to carry out the punishment so they used cranes instead of gallows. who knows? but weird really. and it wouldn't be more painful... err... the purpose is to snap the neck... ouch :(
Q:What kind of equipment must be installed on luffing trolley of horizontal luffing tower crane?
The car must have a support wheel to prevent the trolley from hanging in the middle.
Q:I have found crane fly larvae on my kitchen floor in the middle of the night. Were are they coming from? How do I get rid of them?
probably not larva of crane fly...they live in the soil outside. Describe or post a pic what you have

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