MH Electric Single-girder Gantry Crane

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Electric Single Girder Gantry Crane

Yufei Heavy Industries Group
Quick details

Feature:    Gantry Crane
Rated Loading Capacity:    
32T electric single-girder gantry crane
Max. Lifting Height:     9M
Brand Name:    
XX electric single-girder gantry crane
Warranty:    1 year
control type:     cabin and pendent
steel track recommended:    P24 P38
electric hoist traveling speed:    20m/min
Condition:    New
Rated Lifting Moment:    
32T electric single-girder gantry crane
Span:     12-30M
Model Number:    
MH electric single-girder gantry crane
After-sales Service Provided:    
Engineers available to service machinery overseas
electric hoist lifting speed:    
8 8/0.8 3.5 /0.35 m/min
power:    3-phase 380V 50Hz
IOS9001:2000:     PASS
Application:    indoors or outdoors
Max. Lifting Load:    
32T electric single-girder gantry crane
Place of Origin:    Henan China (Mainland)
Certification:     ISO9001:2000
controlling room traveling speed:     20-45m/min
working duty:    A5
ground traveling speed:    20m/min
ISO14001:2004:     PASS
Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:   Main frame: Bulkload Spare parts: Fumigation free wooden box Packaging Detail: According to the customer
Delivery Detail:   within 15 days after receiving your deposit

MH type electric single-girder gantry crane 1.span 12-30M 2.capacity 3.2-32T 3. lift height 6/9m ISO9001:2000 PASS

   MH type electric single-girder gantry crane  

  Brief introduction of MH type electric single-girder gantry crane    

Electrical Hoist Gantry Crane is used together with CD MD Model electrical hoists.It is a track travelling small and medium-sized crane. Its proper lifting weight is 5 to 10 tons, proper span is 12 to 30 meters, its proper working temperature is -25°C to 40°C

It has two controlling methods, namely
ground controlling and room controlling.

Environment  of  single gantry crane

1)Power source is three-phase alternating current,rated frequency is 50Hz, rated Voltage is 380V.

2)The altitude height of site is ought to be less than 2000M.

3)Flammable,explosive and corrosive gas are forbidden in the work environment.

4)The crane is forbidden to lift fuse and blend deleterious article and flammable explosive article.

Technical characteristics of single gantry crane

This crane has hard surface gear reducer and steel rope and three-in-one transmission mechanism. Protective functions are as the following: acoustic-optic alarm, hook automatic stop protector, circuit protector and over current and phase lose protection and intelligent limit. The electric devices adjust speed without contactor spark module and fulfill frequency convert function to reach mini-speed and double speeds, which make travelling and lifting very steady. The operating board (handle) adopts 12V safe voltage. The electronic controlling can be used more than 2 million times when the voltage is +5~-10% of 380V.

Choosing principle of  single gantry crane

According to the working system and using field. Which system you will choose, field should go first. Calculating the times per hour of starting and pulling-on recycle, you should make the practical time per day and continuous time (h). When select or appraise, you should be sure such items as field, all the limiting size, ambient temperature, speed, time(h), intermission or continuous, the time of starting and pulling-on per hour, etc. The above mentioned is just for reference. Reasonable selection, design and match can increase the working efficiency greatly.

Lifting capacity  T3.2510162032
Span    M12-2412;  16;  20;  24;  30
Lifting height   M6/9
Traveling speed
20; 30; 4520; 30; 4030; 4030; 403030/45
Controlling room
Electric hoist
Lifting speed8  0.8/83.5  0.353.5/0.353; 3/0.4
Traveling speed20
Working dutyA5A3
Steel track recommendedP24  P38P38     P43P43  P50
Power3-phase  380V  50Hz

3t tech dataMH Single-girder Gantry Crane
Lifting heightm9999
Lifting speedm/min8888
Trolley speedm/min20202020
Crane speedm/min20202020
Lifting motorkw4.
Trolley motorkw0.
Total weightkg870099001260014300
Max Wheel LoadKN42465054
Track P24P24P24P24
Main dimensionmm12162024
Rail top to main topH10635106851078510885
Wheel baseW6000600070007000
Crane widthB6400640075007500
Hook left limitationS1850850850850
Hook right limitationS21300130013001300
Left cantileverL13000400050006000
Right cantileverL23000400050006000

5t tech dataMH Single-girder Gantry Crane
Lifting heightm9999
Lifting speedm/min8888
Trolley speedm/min20202020
Crane speedm/min20202020
Lifting motorkw7.
Trolley motorkw0.
Total weightkg9800112001520020400
Max Wheel LoadKN59677583
Track P24P24P38P38
Main dimensionmm12162024
Rail top to main topH10960110601116011310
Wheel baseW6500650075007500
Crane widthB7000700081008100
Hook left limitationS1900900900900
Hook right limitationS21350135013501350
Left cantileverL13000400050006000
Right cantileverL23000400050006000
10t tech dataMH Single-girder Gantry Crane
Lifting heightm9999
Lifting speedm/min7777
Trolley speedm/min20202020
Crane speedm/min20202020
Lifting motorkw13131313
Trolley motorkw0.
Total weightkg16100187002160026600
Max Wheel LoadKN102110118126
Track P38P38P43P43
Main dimensionmm12162024
Rail top to main topH11350114501155011650
Wheel baseW6500650075007500
Crane widthB7100710081008100
Hook left limitationS11300130013001300
Hook right limitationS21900190019001900
Left cantileverL13000400050006000
Right cantileverL23000400050006000

16t tech dataMH Single-girder Gantry Crane
Lifting heightm9999
Lifting speedm/min3.
Trolley speedm/min18181818
Crane speedm/min20202020
Lifting motorkw13131313
Trolley motorkw0.
Total weightkg18200207002550028100
Max Wheel LoadKN150159164176
Track P38P38P43P43
Main dimensionmm12162024
Rail top to main topH12500126001270012800
Wheel baseW7000700085008500
Crane widthB7500750092009200
Hook left limitationS11300130013001300
Hook right limitationS21900190019001900
Left cantileverL13000400050006000
Right cantileverL23000400050006000

Sketch of MH type electric single-girder gantry crane

Various photos of MH type electric single-girder gantry crane

Production details of MH type electric single-girder gantry crane

Packing photo of MH type electric single-girder gantry crane

Spare parts of MH type electric single-girder gantry crane

Order process of MH type electric single-girder gantry crane

Please kindly tell us your detailed requirement and the working conditions, we can help you to choose which model is much more suitable to your requirement.

1. What span do you need?

2. What's the loading capacity?

3. What's the lifting height?

4. What 's the lifting speed?

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