Single girder semi gantry crane used in warehouse or workyard

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Product Description:

Single girder semi gantry crane used in warehouse or workyard Single girder semi gantry crane used in warehouse or workyard

semi-gantry crane is based on the MH type single girder gantry crane, which consists of cane span structures, lifting and cross travelling mechanism, and long travelling mechanism, and electrical control system. MHB type’s lifting and cross travelling mechanism is an electric hoist. The electric hoist can move horizontally on a pair of rails under the girder. The girders are box. Only one side holds landing leg travelling on the rails on ground. The other side is an end carriage running on the wall of workshop.

Cabin used for operating, with seats inside. Floor adopts insulation pads and toughened glass for windows; extinguisher and fan are equipped. Other accessory equipment like air-condition, buzzer, interphone and etc. can be configured according to our client’s request!

This type is widely used in open warehoused, material stocks area, cement plant, granite industry, port, the freight yard, windy areas and other outwork places to lifting and loading unloading goods.



Overload protection,
Main lifting motor with thermal protection,
Hooks with latch,
Rubber buffers
Protective earthing,
Crane switch and travel end switch,



Technical Data:



2. 5. 10



10. 12. 16. 20 

Lifting Height



Control Methods

Pendent line with push button/ remote control/ cabin control



Lifting Speed


8, 8/0.8    7, 7/0.7

Cross Traveling Speed

20 . 30

Long Traveling Speed

20 . 30

Electric Hoist


CD1 , MD1

Working Duty


Power Supply

220V -440V . 50 / 60 HZ . 3 - Phase

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