single girder gantry crane with strong structure

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Product Description:

 single girder gantry crane with strong structure  single girder gantry crane with strong structure

Single Girder Electric Hoist Gantry Crane (L Type) is matched with CD, MD type electric
hoist, this crane is a kind of track travelling mid-light type crane, the capacity of crane from 3T to 20T, the span of crane from 12m to 30m, the working temperature within-20--+40 centigrade.

This product is widely used in plants, warehouses, material stocks
to lift goods. It is prohibited to use the equipment in the combustible,
explosive or corrosive environment.

Control methods
1. Pendent line with press button
2. Cabin control
3. Remote control

primer and finishing paint
Color: yellow, red, blue according to your demand. Average thickness: about 100 microns

We could provide turn-key project as your demand include Design,Manufacture, Quality assurance, assembling, Testing, commissioning, training and after service.




All the standards required the crane is according to china standards
Safety Guarantee Weight overload protection device, Top quality long time bearing
polyurethane materials buffer, Crane traveling limit switch, Voltage lower
protection function, Emergency stop system, current overload protection system and so on!



Technical Data:











Operational method

Pendent Line With Press Button /Cabin/ Remote





8 ,8/0.8





Cross travelling






Long travelling








20, 30,45

20, 30,40






Type /kw



ZD141-4/7.5 ZDS10.8/4.5

ZD151-4/13 ZDS11.5/4.5



Cross travelling






Electric hoist







Lifting height



Working duty


Power supply

380V 60HZ 3phase AC (According to your demand )

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