Top design truss type single beam gantry crane for out door usage

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Product Description:

 Top design truss type single beam gantry crane for out door usage  Top design truss type single beam gantry crane for out door usage  Top design truss type single beam gantry crane for out door usage

Truss type single girder gantry crane is consisting of the skeleton structure, electric hoist, long travelling mechanism, cabin or hand control, and electrical control system. The electric hoist can move horizontally on the rail fitted under a girder. The girder can be welded structure of box.
Cabin or hand controller used for operating. The cabin has seats inside. Floor adopts insulation pads and toughened glass for windows; extinguisher and fan are equipped. Other accessory equipment like air-condition, buzzer, interphone and etc can be configured according to our client’s request!
The length of cantilevers can be designed to meet the working demands.

This type is widely used in work yard, warehouse, cargo storage areas and shops to raise working efficiency and improving working conditions.




Overload protection,
Main lifting motor with thermal protection,
Hooks with latch,
Rubber buffers
Protective earthing,
Crane switch and travel end switch,



Technical Data:

lifting weight 






lifting height



working parts





controlling room







controlling room







wheel diameter



electric hoist

type No.


CD1  MD1

lifting speed


8  0.8/8

travelling speed





ZD41-4/4.5 ZDS10.4/4.5




working class



steel track recommended


P24    P38



380v 50Hz

the crane weight







controlling room






Max. wheel pressure






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