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Packaging Detail:Netural export packing
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Stable friction coefficient
Low pad and rotor wear for a long time working
Extremely low noise
100% no-asbestos


Brake Linings for BPW, with Asbestos Free, Low Noise and Safe Braking Performance

Model Number: WVA19094

  • Specifications:standard and oversized 

  • Materials: 100% non-asbestos&ceramic fiber

  • Features:

  • Low noise and dust-proof

  • Silent brake action

  • Lifespan: 45,000 to 50,000km

  • Less fading and heat-resistant up to 400°C

  • Sharp and safe braking performance

  • Excellent friction performance and stopping power and allow for sensitive braking

  • Packing:

  • Inner packing: 8 pieces/set in a box

  • Outer packing: sea-worthy paper carton and wooden case or standard export packing

  • Supply ability: 60,000 set/sets per month

  • Service: providing after-sales service for automobile factories at home and abroad

  • Suitable for vehicle



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Q:My friend and I want to get one, but we don‘t want a really big one. I asked this before, but the question didn‘t get posted :(
Part of that will be determined by the combined weight of the two riders. Personally, I would not feel safe on the freeway with anything less than a 600cc motorcycle riding double. The bike has to be big enough to have the brakes to stop the weight, and the bike has to have enough power to allow me to move the weight out of the way when I have to.
Q:sometimes when im riding, my rear brakes stop working? as soon as I stop/turn off the bike and use them, they start working again? whats going on here? any ideas why did is happening?
Year? Make? Model #?
Q:how do i bleed my gas utv i added the brake fluid but i think it needs to be bleed PLEASE HELP ME
Why would you think it needs to be bleed?
Q:One of my friends happened when I was out of a car. Is someone else driving first riding a motorcycle man hit fly, my friend drove did not stop the car, put the motorcycle testicles in the process of brazing to squeeze out. I do not know motorcycle men have no sexual ability, injured men have 40 years old.
If the left and right sides by one may also be.
Q:I dropped it doing 20mph. It landed on the right side, lever bent and there is no pressure. I bled the brakes thinking air might have got in. Do you think problem is in master cylinder? There is a pressure after you pump the lever 3-4 times. When I push the brakes I can hear pads rubbing against rotor. I took it to shop, guy said 1000 bucks, I laughed and left. Any ideas?
Nobody here can tell you exactly without looking at it. Could be a small leak in the system, could have damaged callipers, MC, bent rotors/pistons etc etc. Safest way to find out is to strip it all down and check everything out, if you are not comfortable doing it yourself find somebody who is. Front brakes are kind of important.
Q:I can not buy half a year after the brake wheeled rear wheel (after a round of rotation once, I think), many times to the maintenance station to check the maintenance and replacement of the rear three bearings, the problem is temporarily resolved. Three days after the emergence of the above situation, once again to the maintenance station maintenance, after debugging, the situation some improved (Pine brake, but not brake car, after several debugging without cure). The staff said that there may be the locomotive rear wheel drum is not round to the (why did not the initial ring?), The problem is not resolved. I feel my car rear wheel is this: the brake tightened, and can be in the 30 yards a meter brake car, rear wheel, but do not go when the empty push do not go, the rear does not turn, like in the brakes. Brakes loose, in addition to 4 meters brake car, the other situation is tight and tight situation is the opposite, I do not know what is the reason? Please brothers urged, I would like to thank you!
Please answer downstairs, the current issue of this I still did not drop!
Q:Any information on motorcycle statistics is helpful, same with cars, thanks!
Good answers from others. When you buy a tire, it goes on a certain rim. That rim has a unique signature. So when the tire goes on, it will run true only a certain way. By adding weights to it in strategic places, that tire matched with that rim will run true. That is what you want. So every time a tire is replaced on a rim, it must be balanced.
Q:On a Motorcycle, if I need to slow to turn in the city and I am only in 3rd gear, what do I do? Do I just pull in the clutch and lightly break then come out still in 3rd? Or do I just hit the breaks lightly without pulling in the clutch? Or down shift down to 1st? I imagine downshifting to 1st just to slow when I‘m only in 3rd is needless, but i really am not sure. What about in traffic situations also? If you might have to stop, but aren‘t sure, you might have to just slow down and then keep going. Sorry to seem dumb, I have never shifted before- obviosly. I just want to be safe. Thanks in advance.
Q:i have a mini motorcycle and lost the key and the hotwire thing worked but the pull start still has resistance due to the battery not actually being on.or maybe the battery is dead.but how do you dis able the battery and allow the bike to run on just the engine itself.all i need is the throttle and brakewhich are not electricthe lights and horn and all the other bull **** is just extra weight.and keep in mind it has not been started for about 2 years i think
Resistance from the pull start mechanism has nothing to do with the battery. If you want to disable the battery just disconnect the cables to it. Some bikes have to have battery power for the ignition to work, don't know if your bike does because you did not state the most important information-type of bike you are refering to.
Q:Lets say I was on a motorcycle and my brakes fail. Will the motorcycle keep going or stay the same speed?
Um if you're on Earth then yes the bike will slow down in time. You can also engine break to slow down quicker. Just pray that you have enough road to slow down. However if you're riding someplace like the moon for example where there's a lack of air resistance you may roll for a bit further before but the engine friction and what not would eventually slow you down.

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