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Brake Lining/ Brake Lining Rolls/ Asbestos Free Brake Lining Rolls

Brake Lining/ Brake Lining Rolls/ Asbestos Free Brake Lining Rolls

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Packaging Detail:Netural export packing
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Stable friction coefficient
Low pad and rotor wear for a long time working
Extremely low noise
100% no-asbestos


Brake Linings for BPW, with Asbestos Free, Low Noise and Safe Braking Performance

Model Number: WVA19094

  • Specifications:standard and oversized 

  • Materials: 100% non-asbestos&ceramic fiber

  • Features:

  • Low noise and dust-proof

  • Silent brake action

  • Lifespan: 45,000 to 50,000km

  • Less fading and heat-resistant up to 400°C

  • Sharp and safe braking performance

  • Excellent friction performance and stopping power and allow for sensitive braking

  • Packing:

  • Inner packing: 8 pieces/set in a box

  • Outer packing: sea-worthy paper carton and wooden case or standard export packing

  • Supply ability: 60,000 set/sets per month

  • Service: providing after-sales service for automobile factories at home and abroad

  • Suitable for vehicle



Q:Recently wanted to buy a motorcycle, do not know which manufacturers of practical, please give guidance under.
also Hao Jue ran more than 35,000 kilometers a little trouble are not the original car. Especially save trouble, not like other big problems are not small problems are n
Q:Motorcycle ran just fine until it tipped over on the right side. It didnt hit too hard but hard enough to bend the rear brake pedal. Now when I try to start it it tries to crank then starts a clicking type sound then nothing but I can still hear the gas trying to move through the bike. Anyone know what this problem could be? It is a 1981 gs450.
This clicking sound is a spark plug cap dislodged. You are hearing spark against engine #x2F; ground. Check plug wire and plug because often the tip over will break the spark plug.
Q:Which brand of motorcycle is good?
Jialing old brand
Q:say im going 20-30or more mph and i want to come to complete stop at a red light and im on 3 or 4th gear can i just hold my clutch and brake or do i have to shift down to neutral?also if i want to slow down and im on different gears can i hold my brakes or do i have to always clutch down everytime i need to stop or slow down?
You can pull your clutch in and brake if you need to stop depending on how close you are to the traffic lights when they turn red. If you can change down as you are stopping it's an option but the important thing is stopping safely. practice your emergency braking remembering 70%of your stopping power is in the front brake, you do not want to lock the brakes up if you can avoid it, keep the bike upright when your braking hard. If you see the lights are going to change giving you time to react safely, you can use your gears to slow you down quite rapidly but you will need to practice. Use you clutch as much as you can when you change gear once you've been riding a while it will become a natural reaction and you won't have to think about it.
Q:i just had my first motorcycle accident a few hours ago due to me losing confidence during a turn. i was doing everything right until i got to close to the shoulder then i panicked i straightened up the bike. so i went of the road onto dirt. i kept it Straight for like 10-20 feet i didn‘t hit brakes to hard because it would‘ve locked up but went in between a electricity pole and the wire that holds it up then it hit like a dirt mound, then the bike caught like 2 feet of air and when it slammed down i bounced of the seat and over the front of the bike. i broke the fall a little bit by rolling. i got up cleaned my self up and looked at my beautiful bike she was hurt broke a couple fairings and rearset but was still rideable i looked at my buudy who was hella woried then i started laughing and then requested a hi 5. but now im really sad my bike is hurt but im glad i was able to walk it off
I was riding some twistys with a buddy and we came up to the sharpest left hand turn that happened to be a little blind and dropped down to 40mph. At the apex of the turn, I saw a massive lawn mower going about 4 miles an hour cutting six inches of grass and taking up the whole lane. The road in front of him immediately veered to the right and I couldn't see if there was oncoming traffic. I stood it up and braked as hard as I could without loosing traction and the plan was to break to the left right before I touched that white line but my hands said **** That and I went right into a ditch. Got off lucky -that road has killed many motorcyclist.
Q:a high performance road bike with disc brakes appeals to me, a bike I would not race and would put in a couple hundred miles a week witham I insane?
A road bike with disc brakes? - You're not insane but. . . . . . Please understand the following. A standard roadbike (lets say 25c tyres) has very little contact with tarmac, a few cm? at most, - it is so easy to lock up wheels using standard calipers, a disc coupled with the relatively low weight of a road bike, - would almost certainly guarantee it !!!! You are basically trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist and creating another more dangerous side-effect! Speak to anybody who has used standard brake pads on carbon rims !!! They will have a few stories to tell ! Ok someone will point out that some cyclocross bikes have them but lets not confuse the issue, their purpose is different as the rims are often caked with mud. Good thinking and good question but modern dual pivot calipers are more than adequate. Enjoy your riding mate. .
Q:Do motorcycle, battery car brake system rocker, rocker shaft manufacturers which
Enterprises in the "quality first, the customer first, integrity integrity, dedication of society," the purpose and principles, to provide customers with the best support and services for each customer is highly responsible for the development of market potential products, according to customer demand Changes in the development of science and technology, and constantly improve the coordination of their own technology and production in order to provide customers with more satisfied with the service. With the majority of customers work together to create a better future.
Q:Motorcycle brake system to how maintenance, please advise?
Do not deliberately to maintain what, pay attention to the brake pads and brake oil on the line, no change.

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