• Brake pads Non-asbestos Pads Disc Brake    auto parts System 1
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Brake pads Non-asbestos Pads Disc Brake    auto parts

Brake pads Non-asbestos Pads Disc Brake auto parts

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  • Size: 90x 9.6 x360

  • Car Make: KATO

  • OE NO.: GG-113/1 UK090-01 15240

  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: hi-best

  • Model Number: GG-113/1 UK090-01 15240

  • color: black/brown/yellow/green

  • PC: 4

  • rivets: L7.5

  • holes: 12

  • slot: yes

  • chamfer: yes

  • grade: GG/FF

  • test: chase

  • label: according to requirement

  • noise: none

  • —————————————————————— 

     Bus brake lining                                   

    1.high quality&good yutong bus brake lining  
    2.material:asbestos&non asbestos
    3.400 kinds for truck,trailer,bus,etc
    4:chase test  



    • light & heavy duty brake lining  

    • Very efficient when braking and low wearing, minimum loss of efficiency on wet surface.

    • Low wear of the rotors.

    • powerful and progressive brake that doesn't fade.

    • Low lost of efficiency on wet conditions. Low to no-noise.

    • Smooth on rotors, very effective for high line tourisms.

    • Produced f or both axels, it can  be applied on the rear axel on competition vehicles of front wheel drive










Q:I know a few reasons however would appreciate it if someone can explain some of the physics - how the kinetic energy is dissipated and why a motorcycle (even tough it has far me KE) can brake so much quicker. Tell me all the reasons if possible not just that the tyres are bigger.
The first answer was partially right. Kinetic energy is transferred into Thermal energy in the brakes by the rotating brake disc (aka rotors) being squeezed by the stationary brake pad. The larger brake pads and disc allow the pad to impart more heat into the disc and the larger disc spreads the heat out across a larger area (known as swept area to brake experts). Also, motorcycles use higher friction compounds in the pads and some have drilled discs (aka rotors) which cause more friction than the rubber brake on the metal rim.
Q:Do you use your foot brake, hand brake both or just let the clutch out and gas at the same time?
One or two fingers on the front brake lever. Only a small amount of force on the lever is needed to prevent from rolling backwards. Your thumb, palm and a few fingers will give you enough grip to twist the throttle and hold on to the handlebars until you get moving. Attempting to start moving with one foot on the brake pedal is a recipe for disaster if you lose a little control and start to tip over. Your foot cannot do two things at once, only one. Either on the brake pedal, or on the ground for balance.
Q:we live in california, and have a1999 honda shadow motorcycle. its an aftermarket LED brake light and dont want to drill more holes if not needed
I know a guy that was recently riding with older cracking tires and the back tire blew out on the freeway. He slowed down to around 30mph but then lost it. His kid was on the back and is now in intensive care. Word to the wise: REPLACE THE TIRE!!! Also don't put armour all anywhere nere where the tires contact the road (which is a wide area)
Q:A motorcycle is moving at 34 m/s when the rider applies the brakes, giving the motorcycle a constant deceleration. During the 4.0 s interval immediately after braking begins, the speed decreases to 12 m/s. What distance does the motorcycle travel from the instant braking begins until it comes to rest?
Ok first, we must find the acceleration of the motorcycle. Vf Vi + at 12 34 + a(4) -22 4a -5.5 m/s? a Then, we can find the distance of the motorcycle for we now know the acceleration of the motorcycle. (Vf)? (Vi)? + 2ad Vi 12 m/s Vf 0 [since the motorcycle comes to rest] (0)? (12)? + 2(-5.5)d Solving for d. d 13 1/11 meters Then the distance covered from 34 m/s to 12 m/s is d (Vi + Vf)/2 x t d (34 + 12)/2 x 4 d 92 m 13 1/11 + 92 105 1/11 meters Total distance covered!
Q:the back brake on my suzuki gs500e stopped functioning. they seem to have no holding power whatsoever. before that, it worked fine...did not squeel or make any other noise. i had the bike sit for 1 week, and suddenly i had no more back brakes...what could it be? how can i troubleshoot it to figure out?
in case you had undesirable brake pads on the returned it may scrub and you are able to experience it, so in the experience that your no longer feeling that then verify your brake fluid for the returned in many circumstances you have 2 resivors one on the manage bars for front and one on the returned for the returned verify it if its finished press the brake lever each and each of how down thrice and on the 0.33 carry it open launch valve on the caliper to bleed the brake then close repeat thrice then you definately ought to have large breaks..
Q:There are several brakes in the motorcycle, respectively, where the tube?
If it is a men's car it in the left hand on the left foot no line only a rod brake.
Q:I've added a luggage case to my Suzuki DL650. The case come with a built in added light kit. The case two wire system taps into the existing bikes brake light wires.I attach the wires as directed, and I've tried both options possible with the wires. The results remain the same. Light kit has power (lights up) But when the brake is applied the new light kit goes out instead of getting brighter.Again this result is the same regardless of which wire combo I use.Thanks for any help!
you should have three wires going to your orig brake light if not then it is using the subframe as a ground try grounding one of the case wires to the frame and put one of the wires to one of the light wires
Q:So I really want a motorcycle, but I don‘t even have my license yet. I‘ll probably take a course sometime within the year, but I don‘t want to just get it and not have a bike afterwards. All the good bikes are to expensive, especially for a beginner. Plus I‘m in college, don‘t really have the money and my parents are against me riding a motorcycle.So basically, my question is: where is the best place to look for a used motorcycle? I like the cruisers and I want something under $5,000, ideally.
What do you mean nothing good under $5000? Where I live, I can buy a Shadow phantom for just over that. It is best not to have a new bike for your first one, an older one is better because you won't care if it is dropped or the clutch goes bad quickly. Its like when you first get a car, do you start with a ferrari or a cheap used car, so that if something happens it isn't that bad? Look on craigslist and cycletrader and type 5000 in the max box and see what comes up.
Q:which vol. refers to cc is it the vol of compressed gases or equivalent to displacement of piston how can we associate bhp with mileage
BHP, Brake Horsepower is a way of measuring the torque of a motor. Basically the more torque a motor has the greater the power it can deliver. To figure BHP and mileage would take a mathematician. 1. Age of the motorcycle, newer motors are machined with great accuracy, making the same 500cc motor get much better mileage than the same motor 10 yrs ago. 2. The weight of the the frame, gearbox, tires, and rider will all be factors. Since the BHP is measured directly from the motor, without the drive shaft, gearbox, and tires, it would be hard to give a precise measurement for mileage. The same motor on different frames, with different sized tires would produce huge differences in mileage.

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