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1.100% Asbestos-Free Formulation.
2.Deliver High Stopping Power, Reliability And Safety.
3.Optimize The Performance Of Vehicle's Braking System.
4.Offer Extended Life And Minimum Disc wear,Noise-Free ,Least Dusty.
5.High Quality Carbon Steel And/Or Cast Iron Backing Plates For Excellent  Bonding

With The Friction Material.
6.Stylish Packaging For Excellent Emphasis Of The Sales Value  




CertificationISO9001 TS16949
MOQ50 sets
Delivery35-45 days
packingsone set in one packing box with our brand or yours











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Q:Hi, guys!I bought my first motorcycle recently, and I‘ve been trying just fine. Today I drop for the first time in the cold, and I noticed issues keeping my bike on even after I had it warm.Well, today I was at a stop sign, and when I made a turn the bike stalled. Wasn‘t quick enough to balance myself and grab the bike so I dropped it.I broke the brake lever, and I noticed there‘s this circle mechanical thing attached. It‘s on the clutch too, but I‘m not sure what it‘s used for. I‘m referring to the chrome/steel circle above.I‘m trying to buy some new levers to replace both, but I‘ve noticed some levers don‘t come with the circle thing above. Even the OEM levers don‘t.So what‘s it for, and do I need it?
Q:How to drive a motorcycle (bike)?I know the basics of motorcycle driving, but I need some details explanation. When we shifting the gear, how to use clutch and throttle. Please help me
you will have to jack the car up and get under it while it's running to find the hole.
Q:hello i just bought a suzuki gz 250 for a starter bike and i noticed when i move the bike i can hear a grinding sound coming from the front brakes even when im not applying any brakes now when i do apply brakes is sounds like metal on metal obvously i need new pads already on there way but why is the caliper sticking when there isnt any break beeing applyed i checked the fluid level and quilty and there dosnt seem to be anything wrong in that area will the new pads fix these probs and if not what should i do thank you
sounds like your pistons on the brake pads need to be reset. Do to the fact that your brake pads are gone your piston has worked its way out and has caused the vacume in the lines to decrease. your problem isnt major. It will remedy itself once you install the new brake pads properly. In case you dont know ill list the steps. 1. take the calipers off of the forks. 2. ope the master cylinder at top of the handle bars by unscrewing the bolts and taking the cap off. 3. with a c-clamp compress the brake caliper shoe all the way in. ( use the old brake pad of a small piece of wood. this way you dont damage the caliper.) 4 compress it all the way in. to where it is flush with the caliper. 5 install the new brake pads. 6. put caliper back on where it belongs and do the same steps to the other one. 7 once both calipers have been reinstalled then put the cap back onto the master cylinder. Ps while doing this check your fluid and you may want to blead your lines. always helps to do the entire brake system while you are working on it.
Q:As far as i feel it is rear brakes which control stability If i am right please guide me further on this. If wrong please correct meThanks in Advance
Q:I‘ve taken the MSF class and everything, but don‘t have my own motorcycle yet. During the class we would only primarily be in 2nd or 1st gear the whole time, so here‘s what I don‘t understand.If I‘m in 3rd gear or so and I have a red light up ahead of me which I expect will turn green pretty soon, how do I use both the brakes and downshifting at the same time to slow down? I want to use my brakes so the brake lights turn on and the car behind me knows what I‘m doing, but at the same time, I don‘t want to just pull in the clutch and brake to a point of being too slow to be in 3rd gear to start moving again. Should I hold the back brake down while downshifting so my engine speed can match my road speed?
Often you want to slow way down but you don't want to stop. Like if you're going around a corner or a tight curve. If you're in top gear, or a high gear, you pull in the clutch and shift down, then when you let out the clutch the engine speeds up and it will slow you down--that's called 'engine braking'. You're going to need that lower gear to speed up again, so it works good in both directions. With a little practice you learn to decide whether you need to downshift one gear or two, or even more, for instance if you are slowing from 75 mph to 20. If you make the wrong choice, when you speed up again you find you're either in too high or too low a gear, so you make the correction quickly, in a fraction of a second. The business of clutching and shifting is several discrete steps--roll off the throttle, pull in the clutch, shift, let out the clutch while perhaps adding a little throttle. It sounds complicated to talk about, but in practice you do it so often that it becomes like one fluid motion.
Q:I previously posted a question about my front brakes squeaking but have since figured out that it is my rear brakes. Is this something I need to have checked out immediately? Are there things I can check?1983 Honda Magna V45
Brake dust gets embedded in the brake shoes. The brake shoes get glazed. That's most likely the problem. Remove the rear wheel. Clean the shoes and brake drum with contact/brake cleaner (available at auto parts and bike shops). Careful not to breath in the brake dust (harmful). Either change the brake shoes, or score them up with a wire brush.
Q:At how many miles on a motorcycle do you generally need to start replacing worn out parts?
Depending on how hard you are on the bike. You can go through a rear tire a year, brakes front tire every other year. I've gotten 25k miles out of a well maintained chain sprocket.
Q:I‘m replacing my brake pedal and need to make sure that lights come on. However my motorcycle just died on me, so I can‘t check anymore. Is it safe to turn on motorcycle while hooked to battery tender?Thanks!
Q:When you accelerate the engine makes a sound, but when you use the engine-brake, is another sound. What determines this sound?
When you release the throttle, the air intake valve slams closed, the piston is still going up and down trying to suck air in, but now it can't get enough because the valve is shut so it starts to create a vacuum. This takes up work instead of producing it so the engine is basically working against the direction of rotation and it slows you down. If I had to describe the sound, I guess I would say it sounded kind of like the engine is straining but muted and slowing down. I've also had people tell me they use the decompress to slow down, but I've never followed that procedure. I tried it a few times (it should be safe for the engine), but the lack of compression can cause the engine to die. The purpose of the decompress is to prevent the compression (duh, lol). Since this prevents the vacuum from building up, you would get a lot more braking ability by just releasing the throttle.
Q:For sport bikes
the best clutch is BARNET!

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