Non-asbestos/Ceramic Bus&Truck Brake Pads

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Packaging Detail:1.Box packing:Our brand box or yours. 2.Outer packing: ten sets of brake pads in one carton box.
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Bull Brake has four different types of brake pads that are semi-metallic,ceramic,taxi and scorched brake pads



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Q:How do I replace or change a tail - brake light on a 1983 honda nighthawk 650 motorcycle?
Q:I bough a used bike and after learning all the various necessary checks, realized that the dealer left the brake fluid at the low fill lines. I want to top up and got the recommended fluid for my Triumph Speedmaster (DOT 4). But I have no idea what brand is in there. I have to assume it is also the recommended DOT 4. Would it be safe to top up? Also, are you supposed to discard what‘s left in the bottle after a top-up?
As stated before, use an unopened bottle of DOT 4 when you top up the reservoirs. Just make sure that you know the proper method of checking the fluid levels. DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluids are both alcohol based fluids. These types tend to absorb water because of the alcohol base. DOT 5 is silicone based. Does not absorb water like 3 or 4. It does have a lower boiling point than 3 or 4 do. NOW, never drain type 3 or 4 to fill with 5, or drain 5 to fill with 3 or 4. If you do this the different fluid bases will cause your seals to deteriorate at a very fast rate and you will have no brakes. Bad thing to do if you want to keep living. Use only what the manufacturer recommends. Also, the two types are not mixable whatsoever!
Q:I know there two brakes. Front and Back.How do you break from 50mph on 5th gear.Please tell me step by step and how to brake and shift the gear when slowing down. which do you use most front or back and do you have to use both.
First off, 50mph is only 3rd gear on my bike at low RPM, 2nd gear if I'm in the canyons and want to keep it wrapped up a little higher. I'll give you my 5th gear scenario: - Scoot my butt back in the seat - Start braking hard with the front brake - Give a little rear brake for stability - Blip the throttle with each downshift until I get to 2nd gear - Let off the rear brake and go all the way to 1st gear - Come to a complete stop with both feet off the pegs Basically, you use the front brake most often, and it can be applied quite hard. If you're not experienced enough yet, you'll be surprised at just how much power the front brake has and how mych stopping power you have before you lock up the front wheel.
Q:Bikes can be one‘s with cylinder capacity in the range of 100cc to 2500cc
Q:we are looking at verious bikes but I dont want to relearn Braking, Im an old dog and new tricks are for me very difacult.
British bikes , Triumph ,BSA , were set up like that and so were Harley Davidson Sportsters until 1974. 74 is when the US government mandated all motorcycles have right side rear brake pedal and left side gear shift.
Q:I am trying to get my mom convinced that I will be a much safer driver on a motorcycle than a car. I have been doing research and teens get into more accidents in cars than on bikes by percentages. The reason for it is because the teens on motorcycles get there senses heightened and teens in cars get careless. The teens in cars also can get distracted by the radio and stop paying attention to the road and cyclists have nothing else to do but look around them at the cars they are passing/being passed by. What is your opinion, 18- get in more accidents on bikes than cars. also want opinion: would you agree with me that I should get a motorcycle as well as a truck so the bike isnt my main means of transportation?
Q:And should I rev/accelerate as required for the gear ?I am learning how to ride motorcycle. Some says you don‘t have to rev/accelerate in downhill . Doesn‘t it cause bike to stall ?
Q:1988 suzuki katana 600cc: rear calipers occasionally lock up pretty good, more frequently in colder weather. Ive blead them out and put new brake fluid in. sprayed brake cleaner on the calipers. spread the calipers apart manually. but it always seems to lock back up after used. if i ride the bike for around 10min it usually lays off. but id like to fix the problem.any suggestions???
This is vary dangerous stop riding your motorcycle please! You need to replace the calipers! Get new pads,disc,brake line,and rear brake pedal master cylinder while your at it. Brakes are a critical part of your motorcycle. Do what I said to insure proper function. Don't take chances!
Q:how do I replace the front and rear brake pads on a yahama v star motorcycle?
im sure your maunal says how or just ask the guy who you buy the pads from he should be able to tell you
Q:I need to get a motorcycle inspected, in MD? How strict is it?
Here is the required equipment list from the MD Motorcycle Operator Manual, page x. If you have everything listed here, you should be OK. It is interesting that there is no mention of a muffler. MOTORCYCLE EQUIPMENT Your motorcycle must be equipped with (2) two brakes, at least (1) one headlight, (1) one rear red light, (1) one brake actuated red stop light, (1) one white rear light illuminating the license plate, a horn, (2) two mirrors, (2) two unaltered fenders, (2) two foot rests for the operator and (2) two retractable foot rests for a passenger. The mirrors shall be factory equipment or equivalent, and may not contain sharp edges, projections or irregular indents capable of producing injury. Rearview mirrors are one of the most important pieces of equipment on a motorcycle. The reflective surface of the mirror shall be of a size not less than (7) seven square inches allowing you to see part of the lane behind you and part of the lane next to you. Convex mirrors allow you to see the road in your immediate area in more detail, but they make the vehicles behind you look farther away than they really are.

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