Non-asbestos Bus&Truck Brake Pads Auto parts for TOYOTA

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Product Description:


Quick Details


Brake Pads


Semi-metalic and Ceramic




As in the detailed description

Car Make:

As in the detailed description



Place of Origin:

Shandong China (Mainland)

Brand Name:


Model Number:


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Totally 3 layers: 1. Shrinkage plastic 2. White box or color box in customer design 3. Wooden or steel pallet
Delivery Detail:45 days after the order confirmation date


brake pads
1. Formulation by Canadian engineer
2. Ceramic and semi-metalic avaliable
3. Non-asbestos
4.Positive curing

  Ebc brake pads D804 brake pad cross reference back plate


Product Description

A. Main Diamension and Application:

Item No.D833
Cross ReferenceD833
ApplicationFord/Mazda/Mercury Explorer/Ranger-9"& 10" Rear Brakes/Sportrak/B2300/3000/4000/MPVF/Mou 2n0ta0in0e-0e9r


B. Advantages:


lStrict test standard for all production process


lExcellent performance formulation



Packaging & Shipping


A. Packaging:

Totally 3 layers:

1. Shrinkage plastic

2. White box or color box in customer design

3. Wooden or steel pallet



Cargo vessel transport for bulk purchase and air transportation for samples are both avaliable









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Q:not really familiar with motorcycle electrical equipment. When I use the handle bar break the break light does not come on but when I use the foot brake it works fine. Any idea what may cause this.Also another problem I seem to have is the flashers, the left 2 flashers work when turned on so long as they are rumbled (reving the engine, etc..) however if idling they just stay lit. the right side the front light does not work at all and the back light just stays lit no matter what.
Check all of your indicator bulbs 1st, and the flasher unit and your battery voltage which should be around 13.4volts that only leaves the switch to check and for that you need a continuity test meter cheap one will do you for continuity and voltages or get your local bike shop to sort it.
Q:How does the motorcycle move downhill?
In view of the novice, according to the road you said, it is strongly recommended not to slip the car and pinch clutch skidding, very dangerous! Downhill when used as low as possible (3 files below) low speed, until the road and the car are slowly familiar with, and can be appropriate faster!
Q:The reason of the motorcycle brake shoe
The reason is that aluminum parts with special glue to stick up the brakes in the high temperature after half an hour heating
Q:I am a new motorcyclist and was just wondering if there were any emergency procedures for this. Our first reaction is to press on the brakes but on a motorcycle that is a terrible idea. I got to realize what that felt like firsthand at the motorcycle safety course. I want to finetune my skills so that I can survive on the city streets. Thanks
Naturally, when that red flag pops up, people tend to hit the brakes, but actually a little throttle and leaning farther into it will pull you out of the turn. The only problem, is that most riders dont react fast enough to pull it off. Its something that needs to become a second nature in case this happens, and not something you can really practice unless you are on a closed course.
Q:Approximately 3 weeks ago I brought my motorcycle to a repair shop because the front brakes were locking up They informed me that the bike was fixed and could be picked up. I jumped on the bike and rode off. Before I even reached 500 ft the brakes locked up again and threw me off the bike at 50 mph causing severe road rash along my entire body and fractures in my foot. My question is: is the repair shop liable for all costs involved, i.e medical costs, repair of the bike, pain and suffering? Here are some random facts:The bike is relatively new with 1200 miles on itI never signed anything waiving my rights for the repairsThis was a reoccurring problem with the brakes. The purchase order even said The front brakes are locking up. FIX THEM The weather conditions were sunny with no rain and I did not even touch the brakes before they locked up. There was a gentleman on the scene that picked up the bike and informed me that the front brakes were still locked into place/
Q:I‘m looking at buying a motorcycle and before i do i want to get my facts straight. i currently drive cars and am a defensive driver and have never had a crash. i don‘t speed and i am super responsible with never drinking and driving because a) it‘s super idiotic to do and b) i just don‘t like alcohol.if i get a bike i plan to get one with really good brakes, suspension and tyres and i will buy the best protective gear money can buy and go to defensive riding courses and other training courses.what percentage of motorcyclist deaths are caused by speeding, drunkenness, not being in a correct state of mind etc?also, i am thinking of getting a Kawasaki ninja 250r, are they a good/ safe bike?
The majority of single vehicle accidents involving motorcycles are due to speed – not necessarily going over the speed limit –?but inappropriate speed for the circumstances. I have read that the latest Ninja 250 models come with poor tyres but they are easy enough to replace.
Q:I am looking to build a Cafe Racer motorcycle with good handling characteristics, hopefully something in the 80-100 hp I am hoping to mount modern super sport suspension, brakes and alloy wheels. The idea is an old school look with modern technology components. A bike I can have fun and drag knee, but that won‘t easily wheelie.
TO CORRECT YOUR ANSWER ABOUT MY SNAKE: I am not antagonizing her. Im not doing anything wrong. I never even used the word pissing off or pissed off You give false advice and you obviouisly dont know what your talking about since all your stuff is about motorcycles. And I found nothing about reptiles. DONT answer questions you know nothing about. Thanks:)!
Q:I restore motorcycles. I do not like sloppy levers. Most ( at least Honda's ) have a brass bushing that wears out because of lack owner maintenance - My question is, anyone know where I can buy that size bushing ? ( Yes, I looked at Bike bandit and Ebay ),
Sometimes I have found bushings that can be used at my local PRO hardware store. It is an independant hardware store affiliated with PRO hardware chain. Heres to those of us who love keeping the old bikes on the road and coming up with creative solutions to everyday problems.
Q:I have a sukida sk 125-5 patriot sport model, and i seem to have a constant brake light? does anyone know why this is and how to fix it? the brakes all work as they should do, but the brake light is constantly on, any help would be greatly appreciated.
Yep, brake light switch. However, you might have one on the front brake, also.
Q:I would like to comm with someone who has had experience bleeding honda motorcycles brakes for this model. I cant get the pump to pump.
if ya want good answers son ya gotta ask good questions I cant make heads or tails outta what yer askin now calm down an try again brakes is brakes boy

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