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Bull Brake has four different types of brake pads that are semi-metallic,ceramic,taxi and scorched brake pads



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Q:.and can you use either kind?
Organic (or non-asbestos) Pads: This type of motorcycle brake pad is made by mixing non-asbestos fibres, such as glass, rubber, carbon, and Kevlar, with filler materials and high-temperature resins. The resins act like a thermo-set plastic, which holds the components together like glue. They can have a small proportion of metal and are then occasionally called 'sintered'. Largest market share among motorcycle brake pad types Lower brake disk wear A softer bite point and therefore easier to control Softer compound which creates less noise, but can wear faster and create more dust. Thermal performance to 800deg C Longer bed-in time required Prone to glazing when standard thermal performance limits are reached Sinter Pads: These pads have a very high metal content. Sinter motorcycle brake pads heat up more quickly and run to a higher temperature. With more kinetic energy converted more quickly to heat, they are very effective. It is important how they are made though: Run your fingers over premium sinter brake pads and you feel a smooth surface of finely cut, evenly distributed metal particles – do the same with budget pads and you get a rougher surface that acts like wire wool on your brake disc. Higher friction levels, which are maintained in wet conditions Low tendency to 'fading' brake performance in extreme conditions Shorter bed-in period A defined bite point A higher running temperature, also affecting the brake disc surface Not suitable for all brake discs (cast iron) or callipers More prone to suffer corrosion Brake fluid requires more frequent inspection As a very general rule, sinter motorcycle brake pads perform best on steel brake discs and organic pads tend to be kinder to cast iron discs.
Q:I installed an accent lighting kit on my motorcycle so I would become more visible at night to other drivers on the road.A couple of my friends thanked me for doing so because motorcycles are difficult to see some times.Is it legal in California to have a lighting accent kit on my motorcycle? Somebody told me it wasn‘t.
Q:I just change my rear tire and now i have no rear brake. My father and I bleeded the system, but i still have no rear brake. Have any suggests to try, or what might be the problem with it?
Are the pads worn? Did you bleed all the air out of the lines? Fill the resivoir
Q:I‘m going from stock ride height to cafe racer racer height or a little higher on my 1980 kz 440.
If they don't reach, yes. You should be able to measure it and find out.
Q:I‘ve wanted a motorcycle for a while now and I‘ve been doing a little research. I‘ve read a lot about engine braking but I‘m not entirely sure on what it is. Can someone please explain it to me and list the steps involved. Or a good link about it would be just fine.thanks
As long as they are not so wide that they rub.
Q:can I use a bicycle brake lever as a motorcycle shift lever?
You've only got so much room between the forks or swingarm. To get too dramatic with it, you need a machine shop and a welder. And you have to open up the transmission to install a longer final drive. You may be able to buy a kit for it. The phat rear tire is just a moronic styling trend. It compromises handling, robs power from the engine, and gets very expensive to replace.
Q:I have a suzuki gs500f with only 430 miles on it, its brand new but I was noticing a weird problem with the front brake fluid reservoir: it isnt always consistent. Like tongiht I went out and could barely see the brake fluid yet at other times the fluid seems like its half full...what could be causing this and should i have it looked at?
ok,.. right here is going: DOT 3 fluid takes a undeniable volume of heat earlier it starts off to grow to be caustic to the rubber seals....this the main generally used fluid in vehicle purposes. DOT 4 takes a extra physically powerful warmth score.. that's the huge majority of motorbike bake fluids. severe extreme overall performance purposes take DOT 5... this may be in Lamborghini's , and so on.... moist calipers? the respond bart gave is extreeemly silly.
Q:Can I downshift on a motorcycle right before braking or does it have to be at the same time?
depends on your rate of deceleration. if you're already decelerating slowly by coasting, it may not be necessary to apply the brake to reduce wear on the clutch and keep a smooth rate of deceleration.
Q:i have a class c drivers license would i need a motorcycle license to drive a 150cc 9hp scooter on the road?
Legal Definitions: Motorcycle. A motor vehicle having a seat or saddle for the use of the rider and designed to travel on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground. Motor-driven cycle. A motorcycle, including a motor scooter, with a motor which produces not to exceed five brake horsepower. ----- A 9hp scooter, a vehicle having a seat or saddle for the use of the rider and designed to travel on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground, is a *motorcycle*. ---- License: CLASS C . any vehicles, except those requiring a Class M qualification .Class C license is authorized to drive a motor-driven cycle with an automatic transmission and cylinder capacity of 50 CCs or less or a 3-wheeled motorcycle with an enclosed cab. CLASS M (minimum age 16): A Class M driver’s license will be issued to those persons 16 years of age or older who have demonstrated their ability to operate a motorcycle or motor-driven cycle ---- You need a Class M driver's license to legally ride a 150cc scooter Learn how to Ride a motorcycle safely, or as safe as you can try:
Q:I am looking to buy my first bike. I have a guy offering to sell me his 2002 Ninja 250r for 1000 dollars. It has 16,000 miles on it, needs a valve adjustment, needs mirrors, and needs turn signals. Since I don‘t know too much about bikes, I was wondering if this is a good deal to buy the bike at 1000 and then do the repairs. He told me the bike does run and that the above things are the only problems. What else should I look for or should I not even bother with the bike?Thanks guys!
Needs Mirrors and Turn Signals? Did he Dump it? It could have a tweaked frame if he did--Bon do and spray paint can cover a lot. Are the pipes and cases and covers at all scraped? (Pipes may be only be on one side of bike, I'm not sure.) A 250 is actually a little Small. If the seat fits you, get a 650--a bit more power that can get you out of a tight spot, where a 250 might Not. Better for Freeway, too.

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