• Brake Pads for Toyota Dyna (04465-25020) System 1
  • Brake Pads for Toyota Dyna (04465-25020) System 2
Brake Pads for Toyota Dyna (04465-25020)

Brake Pads for Toyota Dyna (04465-25020)

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50000 set/month

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Basic Info.

Model NO.:Toyota HIACE

Certification:TS16949, ISO9001, ISO9002

Type:Brake Pads










Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Trademark:According to the customers′ requirements

Packing:Neutral Packing/Genuine Packing/Customer′s Request

Origin:Dezhou, Shandong, China

HS Code:8708301000

Production Capacity:200, 000 Sets/Month

Product Description

We promise to provide the highest quality products for every customers! 

You give me a chance, I'll give you a satisfactory service

Our Advantage

1> We have rich friction material formula system for every car series. 

2> Most of our raw material are imported from Japan, German, France and Netherlands. 

3> We have all the craft, process and technology in brake pads producing line in the world. 

4> We have big bench test instrument to promise the braking performance of our products. 

And every our new formula are tested by installing on our local taxi. 

5> We can produce as your samples. 

6> We can supply you with OE quality brake pads. 

Detailed Specification

1. Non-asbestos disc brake pad

2. Material: Semi-metalic/ceramic

3. Certification: TS16949/ISO9001

4. Packing detail: Inner packing: Heat shrink bags/boxes; Outer packing: Cartons

5. Comfortable braking performance: No noise, no dust, less wear loss, less fade, better recovery

6. Minimum order quantity: 200sets

7. Port of shipment: Qingdao or Tianjin

8. Supply ability: 30000sets per month

9. Delivery time: 7 working days after receive the deposit

10. Payment terms: T/T










Q:Female motorcycle right handle has a brake is the front brake, right foot that there is a brake is the rear wheel brakes, usually when the brakes how to control it? Just getting the motorcycle did not take long, because the front brake with too many fell a few wrestling, is not uphill when the front brake, downhill when the press after the brake, What else to pay attention to
Now the front brake are disc brake, disc brake is extremely sensitive, novice should not be controlled, easy to make brake lock. If the high-speed running too hard to use the front brake is a very dangerous thing (front wheel lock the direction of loss of control made of rollover, dropping! Special attention: to prohibit the use of brake before deceleration.) After the brakes are mostly pot to kill. Easy to control should not be locked. Because it is after the brake, even if the moment is not prone to rollover lock, so the entire brake deceleration system of the main kill the car, usually with the most brakes.
Q:How do I shift? I was told that the bike is ‘four down - one up‘ (though a book I have says that all modern bikes here in the US are ‘four up-one down‘). How do I up and down shift through all the gears?
get thyself to a Motorcycle Safety Foundation class pronto. There they will teach you to ride and brake and turn and how the heck to avoid crashing. As well as have FUN! MSF classes can be found online or through you local Bureau of Motor Vehicles.Some insurance companies may offer discounts for completing the course. The Blast is great bike to learn how to ride, I did. ;-). I now ride a Triumph Tiger
Q:I‘ve been riding on the stock 4 year old pads for 8000 miles on my Ninja 250. I according to the maintenance chart they‘re still okay but how long should I expect them to last?
Impossible to say how long your pads will last. It all depends on how hard you use them. As long as they are wearing evenly, thickness is within spec and they are not chipping and disintegrating, they are fine. I have seen factory HD pads, worn down to the metal backing plate within 2500 miles, and I have seen them last 15k.
Q:The difference between automobile brake shoe and motorcycle brake shoe
Most of the car is a disc brake, and most of the motorcycles are rear wheel brake, is the legendary pot, and the front wheel with disc brake, the effect of course, no car is good.
Q:left side lower ribcage is swollen and bruised and yes it hurts bad. I laid my motorcycle down trying to make a corner too fast.
Tuck in behind them, most riders prefer passenger to hold them not the bike. Personally I put one hand on grab rail and one on the rider. Could always ask them to buy non slip seat cover.
Q:I‘m buying my first motorcycle, a 93 yamaha virago 750. Has low miles since it wasn‘t ridden much so it obviously needs some work and care. I‘m going to be changing all the major fluids, filters, and tires, but I wanted to know how picky motorcycles can be on maintenance. I‘m a good mechanic on cars and trucks, but some of the stuff I saw in my bike‘s repair manual seemed like overkill. Like every 10k miles, you need to replace the fork oil and seals, lube the swingarm bearings, and replace the alternator brushes. Is all this really necassary, because I intened to use it as a daily commuter? I can certainly do all of that with a few special parts and some more tools, but I‘m hoping it doesn‘t come to that on a bi-yearly basis or so.
riding bikes for the last 40 + years. change the fork seals when they fail start to leak change the fork oil at 50,000 miles engine gearbox oil at 5000 miles brake clutch fluids every 2 years brake pads as required TIMING CHAIN this is an important one on the VIRAGO. tall motor with a long chain20,000 miles swing arm bearings. 25,000 miles. all the milages given are approximations. Im riding a Ducati 800 sport at the moment change the timing belts as per the manual. the rest is open to interpretation if you ride the bike hard service it more often if it gets an easy life you can double a lot of the service intervals.
Q:I almost got hit by a car because my bike took ages to brake.I was driving it at 110 km/h and also the tires are soft because i havent inflated them in years.Im a bit scared to press the front brake hard and the rear brake while ar high speeds usually causes tireburns and leaves a pitchblack mark on the road.It also sometimes starts turning the bike but i release the brake before that happens
YOU are an idiot, sell the damn thing. Inflate the tires. Ride moderately slow and try the FRONT brake only, try the rear brake only, try both. Don't try to test brakes at hi speed, 20 Km/h is just as effective
Q:The parking garage at my work has a steep decline that terminates at a control arm. After the rain, it gets EXTREMELY slick and oily. Unfortunately, on account of the momentum the slope generates, it‘s very difficult to only lightly apply the brakes because you‘ll crash right into the control arm. Any tips for safely slowing down a motorcycle on a slick slope?
You will have to invariably be within the right equipment to accelerate - you in no way know when the guy in a cage in the back of you is going to ignore that reality that there is a motorbike in entrance of him. Slip the clutch just a little more. While you change down a gear, you pull the grab in, just a bit blip on the throttle and ease the snatch out by means of the friction zone. It must suppose tender to a passenger.
Q:Motorcycle brake system to how maintenance, please advise?
Brake oil as long as the brake is not the time to increase.

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