Brake Pads for Toyota RAV4 04465-42080 D862-7738

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Product Description:

Basic Info.

Model NO.:Toyota HIACE

Certification:TS16949, ISO9001, ISO9002

Type:Brake Pads










Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Trademark:According to the customers′ requirements

Packing:Neutral Packing/Genuine Packing/Customer′s Request

Origin:Dezhou, Shandong, China

HS Code:8708301000

Production Capacity:200, 000 Sets/Month

Product Description

We promise to provide the highest quality products for every customers! 

You give me a chance, I'll give you a satisfactory service

Our Advantage

1> We have rich friction material formula system for every car series. 

2> Most of our raw material are imported from Japan, German, France and Netherlands. 

3> We have all the craft, process and technology in brake pads producing line in the world. 

4> We have big bench test instrument to promise the braking performance of our products. 

And every our new formula are tested by installing on our local taxi. 

5> We can produce as your samples. 

6> We can supply you with OE quality brake pads. 

Detailed Specification

1. Non-asbestos disc brake pad

2. Material: Semi-metalic/ceramic

3. Certification: TS16949/ISO9001

4. Packing detail: Inner packing: Heat shrink bags/boxes; Outer packing: Cartons

5. Comfortable braking performance: No noise, no dust, less wear loss, less fade, better recovery

6. Minimum order quantity: 200sets

7. Port of shipment: Qingdao or Tianjin

8. Supply ability: 30000sets per month

9. Delivery time: 7 working days after receive the deposit

10. Payment terms: T/T











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Q:I really don‘t want to drop my motorcycle at a stop sign, or a red light. what is the most correct way to brake and stop. (things like body position, hand, feet) , whenever i come to a stop i usally have my right foot on the peg and left foot is just dragging along. i come to a wobbling stop, but i don‘t know any other way to do it.
Never heard of twin disk brakes on the rear! One side holds the drive, the other the brake. Might work on a shaft or belt drive but is probably pointless as over braking the rear would only lock the wheel as the weight is transferred to the front.
Q:I bought a 2008 Kawasaki ninja 250r. I just notived there is some black dust (carbon/coalish color) under the exhaust pipe, what could that be?Also, the owner told me to run the motorcycle for 20 minutes every day, if I wont be riding it that day, any reason why? and do I have to do this?when I brake, do I need to pull in the clutch and then brake? or it doesnt matter?lastly, is there any way I could know when the last oil change/tune up was done? I wasn‘t given any maintenance records, but the oil level seems fine.Thx.
Q:Intruder Suzuki
Just pour it all over the top of the bike. It will eventually seep into the chamber and fill the reservoir. OR you could wait until your brakes fail completely. If you are stupid enough to ask such a question you probably should not be riding a motorcycle to begin with.
Q:On manual cars and motorcycles, some people say put it into gear when you park,wouldnt that just stall it? Or do you shift it into 1st, clutch and brake in and then shut it off?
It's likely a sensor or switch somewhere. You don't indicate what year make of car you have, but the mass majority of cars in the last 20 years have electronic transmissions that communicate with the engine. When you change gears, the engine transmission communicate with each other, unlike older cars where the transmission simply does what you made it do. If the engine transmission aren't communicating properly, the engine won't know what to do and therefore will just shut off for your safety's sake. Don't try modifying components on your car like some here have suggested - take it to a qualified mechanic [in situations like this, it's best to leave it to the *auto manufacturer* since they know the car up one side down the other, unlike a general mechanic who is a jack of all trades -no offense as I use mechanics when where applicable] and just get ready to pay some money for a proper diagnosis and repair. The dealership will let you know what they found out, and how much it will cost to repair it. You may get lucky and find out it's just a $25 switch or sensor that has gone bad. Along with the diagnostic fee and labor, you could get out the door for under $200. In today's cars, you can't just go chopping things up yourself. You'll only make it worse. Good luck
Q:I wear dresses frequently. Is it unsafe if I rode my motorcycle side saddle and avoided using the rear brake?
A machine is not much different from a horse. Totally! I always tell my bike to get up or walk on when I want it to move, and I tell it whoa or easy to slow down. On the horse, I like to twist the right ear to make the horse go faster, and the left stirrup changes gaits. When a horse stops, you always need to put a foot down to hold it up or it will fall over which is why there are virtually no horses left anywhere in the world. Like a motorcycle, horses have no ability to stand themselves up after they lie down. Basically a horse stops moving or loses it's balance once and then it dies. It really is exactly the same, and you should have no problems whatsoever.
Q:an instructions on the internet that i can find and print
how about a regular full cheek snaffle? mild, but stronger than a snaffle like an eggbutt. more pressure with a full cheek.
Q:I have a 1978 Honda goldwing gl1000. My brake light wont work but the tail light is on just fine, I have replaced all fuses,bulbs and checked wires. Is there any tipe of sesnsor on this bike that I should replace or check?
no,they have basic electrics.check power to brake light switch.
Q:I was putting on a new brake light and might have connected the wrong wires the light wont turn on nor the motorcycle could i have short circuited the battery it still gives 12v when off what can i do to fix it
check to see if you blew the main fuse
Q:I‘ve been doing a little research while preparing to get my CA motorcycle license and I‘ve come across many forums with posters advocating draggin the rear brake while feathering the throttle in order to pass the test going around the circle. Does anyone have an idea -based on motorcycle theory- why that would help? I‘m scheduled to take the motorcycle safety course next week, and if I pass I‘ll never have to do the DMV‘s lollipop test, but I‘m still curious what it is about dragging that back break that would make a difference on a rider‘s ability to keep the front wheel inside the lines in the circle. And ideas?
I have not taken this test, but I gather it is a slow speed (just about walking pace) manoeuvring test, which I have done. When you are trying to keep a bike in a straight line at walking pace you are hovering between stalling and slowing so much you put your foot down (I assume that would be a failure) and going too fast to perform the required actions. The smaller and lighter a bike is the easier this would be to do. You can do this by juggling throttle and clutch – but this takes experience and is not a skill that a novice will have to hand, as is applying the front brake while keeping a constant throttle. So the rear brake is used to modulate the speed while the clutch and throttle is kept almost constant – it separates the controls to three limbs. I would expect the biggest failure rate to be caused by riders looking at the route a few inches in front of the wheel – but that is too late at a slow speed, any compensation could put you out of the route or put your foot down, you have to look further ahead, turn your head to look where you want to go. btw google moto gymkhana if you want to see some amazing skills for tight “slow” turns.
Q:how do they feel the peddlesgt;and brake? where is the pedal for gas and breaks on a motorcycle
where is the pedal for gas and breaks on a motorcycle ? Generally right hand and right leg are for brakes, right hand throttle, left hand and left foot for clutch and shift lever. But like Jason says, not all are the same and people without certain limbs would simply get their car/bike adapted to suit them

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