• BRAKE LINING FOR VOLVO 19563/62 OEM System 1
  • BRAKE LINING FOR VOLVO 19563/62 OEM System 2
  • BRAKE LINING FOR VOLVO 19563/62 OEM System 3


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100 set
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50000 set/month

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:1) 3 sets per carton 2) 20' container: 1000 CTNS
Delivery Detail:15days


1) Extremly lower noise
2) Little dust and long life
3) Stable friction coefficient
4) High quaility with guarantee



Brake lining


Semi-metallic or non-asbestor






Black or up to you






40,000 kms  


carton package

FOB Price

USD 1.7-4.5 /pc


100 sets

Delivery Time

30 days after order confirmation



1)Stable Friction Coefficient

2)heat-resistant: Less fading and heat resistant up to 400°C

3)abrasion resistance

4)Long Service life:FF grade 35000~40000km

5)Low noise and dustproof

6)Environmental protection,green products



1)We can supply all kinds of brake pad ; this model was designed  and developed as per clients' specifications and drawings or samples
2) We can currently offer over 800 moulds for different using models for Japanese, European, Korean and American brand cars and trucks with OEM services available
3)These products sell well in more than 20 countries and regions including the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, America and Japan
4)We assure that all the parts strictly meet the original equipment standards



Q:I have not ride a car before, I recently bought a motorcycle ride for 2 months, on the brake system, I have two questions, please master doubt: 1, why pedal motorcycle brake system design in the right hand instead of the left hand? Because the right hand has been holding the grip of the throttle work, my hands and feet is not flexible, the last time when the sudden brake my right hand pull the brakes, did not react at the same time to loose ...
It is recommended that you first find empty familiar with the vehicle performance habits and then on the road so safe.
Q:If the motorcycle did not brake, how to stop?
When the motorcycle brake system failure or damage caused by the brake can not be made when the same can use the car's deceleration method: gradually reduce the gear against the engine brake emergency measures
Q:And never hit the car infront but fell due to trying to brake what can the person riding the motorcycle do now ?? also what can the driver of the car expect from this ??Driver was cited with a unsafe lane change ticket *** Motorcycle driver had road rash and a broken ankle I believe
In the US you can sue for anything at all. In this case, being a civil matter, you could easily file suit against a driver causing an accident even if no contact was made. Doesn't mean you'd win, but you can sue. Also doesn't mean you'd lose. Especially as regards civil matters (non-criminal) these things can and do go either way. I'd explain it all to my insurance company (assuming I was the biker) and I'm sure they'd sue if it looked good and they'd pay me for the damage either way.
Q:I noticed my rear brakes on my motorcycle making noise today. By the time I got home the rear rotor was a tad roughed up. It‘s not too bad but I was wondering if it‘s necessary to have it turned before putting on the new pads?
No do not turn motorcycle rotors if you need to replace them.
Q:I am trying to bleed my brakes, and I need to add fluid. My fluid is yellow, while the fluid already in the master cylinder/caliper is reddish.Does it matter if it is yellow? (The brake fluid is about 15 months old, and has been open for the same time. It is 'P' yellow)Is it yellow because it is a different brand, or does brake fluid change colors after it has come into contact with oxygen?It is DOT 4.
Uncle Jed is the guy! they're as he reported, honestly! different formulations received't play effective with Dot 3-4 do no longer use them!! keep in concepts Brake fluid is hydroscopic which ability it sucks up moisture from the ambience like a sponge. replace your fluid a minimum of once a 12 months on the initiating of using season. in no way use fluid from an open can. keep faraway from chlorine!! All Hail Uncle Jed with a thumbs up!!
Q:a 70s or early 80s song tha starts with motorcycle speeding up and brakes?
Love is the Drug - Roxy Music? edit Burn Rubber on Me - The Gap Band
Q:i need to know if anyone know where i can find motorcycle parts(2002 suzuki sv650), it ws invovle in a accident and so like the brake pedal needs to be replaced and a few other things, but the pedals is something hard to find and at a reasonable price also even if its to pick it off a broke down motorcycle same brand of course.
Just buy the parts from a Suzuki dealer. They're made for your bike, have no hidden damage and are brand new parts. If you want to take your chances and save a couple of $$, do a web search for motorcycle salvage.
Q:Today after I stopped for gas on my Suzuki Bandit 600, the front brakes locked up. After driving home with this condition the calipers were smoking, only way I could get the motorcycle home. I need some advice on what would cause this problem and what to look out for? I also took off the calipers and the cylinders seemed to compress without difficulty. I also inspected the master cylinder and it seemed to be pumping fine. One thing I noticed was that the left front rotor seemed to be slightly warped, but that could be due to the brakes being locked and me riding it home. Also I have never had any prior brake problems and they were working correctly the day before.
crud around the brake piston stops it releasing freely ,
Q:How did you get from never rode a motorcycle to doing wheelies on the freeway? (What were the steps you took to being able to drive one) and advice on safety and necessary precautions.What do I need to know about motorcycle accidents. I am interested in saving on gas for a cost efficient vehicle and a good beginner motorcycle. And thank you this means a lot.
personally i think it was unnecessary to do so, i think the only reason americans did this was because they were getting scared that the japanese wouldn't give up so the americans had to do the cowardly thing and use the a-bombs, but like i said, that's what I personally think
Q:I have a 2000 Yamaha warrior and it starts sputtering and skipping the higher the rpm s go anyone have any ideas how to fix it
Always give year, make, engine size and model # when asking questions. We need all of that info to give an informed answer. Yamaha makes a 1700cc Warrior motorcycle and a 350cc Warrior quad. If your vehicle is a quad, inspect the parking brake switch. The switch is at the left handlebar lever. When the parking brake is applied, the switch turns on a rev limiter to prevent riding off with the barking brake on. A damaged switch can leave the rev limiter on, causing massive misfire preventing the engine from reving.

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